NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


2:10 left

So shouldnt be any more hack-a-ben
Ben now up to 15-29 from the line.


Brown kept Ben out there, but stuck him on the wing and nowhere near the action so he could get fouled again.

You’d reckon other teams will employ this now.


Ben had 24 FTA in the 4th quarter.


All he has to do is start hitting them for that to stop…


In other new Lamarcus Aldridge is on a tear


Saw an article labelling Simmons as “a weakness” for the 76ers after the hackenning.

Would be great to be a weakness with 31 and 18.


Article should state who won the game more


Glossed over it a bit didn’t it. Even included the fact that he broke the rookie rebound record in brackets.

Fukn Australian media. Gotta tear a guy down. Imagine if Hawthorn infringed deliberately against JoeDan all day because he was a poor set shot and he only ended up with 8 goals?


Seeing Ben again tomorrow night in Boston :grin:


Hacked in your first year as a rookie

That is some serious respect


Shaq copped it throughout his whole career.
He used to say he never had a problem as long as he’s scoring 35 points and grabbing 15 boards.

As bad as Simmons was, his FT% is still better than Lonzo. Heck, Simmons has almost gotten to the free throw line more times in one game than Lonzo has all season.


No Embiid sucks for you and the game.



He’s so watchable


Its official, hes sandbagging.


Maybe should be shooting free throws right handed all the time! :smiley:


Battle of the Rookies


I like this:


Mitchell is for real, 41 today vs the Pels

I’m wrapped that the rookie to blow up out of nowhere ended up being the one on the Jazz

They deserve it after Hayward bailed


What happened to Davis?