NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Ben’s non jump shot is really becoming an issue.

They know he isn’t going to pull up for a jumper. So if they hold him off the paint they can pick off his pass.


don’t let ben see that opinion


2opportunities for a jumper, 2 pressure 3s missed by teammates instead…

actually pretty keen for ben to become the best in the league, he slots into it so well already.




Another Sixer choke on the cards!


That offensive foul on Simmons was a joke!!


Raptors 7 of the last 9 have been free throws no?


Looked a 50/50 call on covington too imo.


You don’t give a a 20-odd to 2 run in the 3rd quarter and expect to win.


Hopefully over the offseason he develops a jumper.

also embiid comes back sometime in a month


Losing ground, yes. Still not really that close.


Ben needs someone to pass to who is going to score.


Kuzma is going to be so damn good.

Lonzo had a good game today too.



Refs hand the Blazers the game.

Far out the refs in the NBA are incompetent.


76ers need to find some outside shooters
working on a 2nd storey the amount of bricks they’ve thrown up this season


The last two minutes of Cavs / Warriors has been horribly officiated. Absolute freaking joke.

Wonder if they’d call a foul on Durant if he got Lebron in a headlock?


Philly back on the winners list but Ben really struggled.
Again the lack of jump shot.

Knicks have big inside presence and Ben simply wouldn’t take the ball there. No jump shot, no penetration in his passing so was simply dribbling up the court and dishing off.

Redick and McConnell (guards who can shoot) had muck more impact and received their most game time as a reward.

I still love him though but please Ben, you need to trust it.


That was a joke. LeBron fouled twice, they review and didn’t call it.


His high number of turnovers is hurting Philadelphia more than his lack of outside shot.
Think he needs to take the easier passing option more often.