NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


And why is he turning it over?

Because he is easy to defend they know he is going to pass and not shoot.

He shouldn’t be scared to shoot. Everyone misses. He just needs to know it’s ok.


He is releasing on the way down. Until he fixes that he shouldn’t be taking them


Whilst I agree about defenders sagging off, he’s not turning the ball over while at the top of the key.
He’s still getting within a layup of the rim, yet he seems to instinctively pass out to a team mate than take the lay up himself.
He can finish around the rim. He just needs to be a bit more selfish.


Could be a bit of fatigue?
Might be a good time for him to have a week off.


He’s having a freaking good year. He’s just not the complete package - yet.


Family and I decided to come up to Sacramento for a mini vacation. The Cavs are staying in our hotel which would explain the… ahem… beautiful party people hanging out in the lobby last night.

No, I have not seen LeBron yet.


How much is a picture of LeBron in a Bombers jersey worth!


I need this.


That is goooood.
Mirror shades should be compulsory.



Ben Simmons has also been in the system a lot longer than Tatum and co.

Its kinda like the Andrew Mcgrath / Ryan Burton argument. Lets be honest Burton was a better player but he had been in the system a lot longer and was older.

I’d give it to Tatum because hes younger (19 compared to Burton 21) and has already played more NBA games than his entire college career which is ■■■■■■ insane.


Simmons is the rookie of the year.
Just like Blake Griffin was rookie of the year when he sat out his first year.


not really sitting out/ in the system when you’re injured as ■■■■.


Is there a white side of Miami, or are they all Cubanos.


That Boston Celtics game was just unbelievable! 26 point comeback, drama at the end, harden getting hardened was just poetic justice!


1 year.


Ludicrously stupid.


This Philly team is so frustrating.


■■■■■■■ frustrating following the Sixers.
Embiid’s had a shocking ten minutes.


Philly just can’t stop a run against them and give up appalling turnovers