NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


76ers :astonished:


Ben Simmons is going sick.


I can’t believe this guy isn’t ripping the NBA apart, based on 1 pass I saw him make at the Olympics…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There are probably some better passes by Magic in the 80s, but from the late 90s to now, this pass by Vince Carter is right up there as one of the best.


Lebron makes ridiculous passes like this every other night.



Is it too much to ask for just a team that gives effort?

At any facet of the game of basketball?


Lakers dumped Bogut.

Will be interesting to see if he can latch back on to another team or if he’s done.


Simmons’ second dunk off the Eurostep… oh boy, wowee.


Delly absolutely hammered Beal


just watched the extended highlights of the heat jazz game, mitchell is such a fun player to watch.


Thank Christ.

Dude moves slower than the Titanic.


Yup and he’s got the mad hops too



Lavar is seriously going to screw up Lonzo’s career. He’s already limited him by teaching that crappy jump shot.

I hope Lonzo wakes up and dumps his old man before its too late.

Unless Lonzo becomes a dominant point guys, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is forced to take a massive pay cut when his current contract expires because of the baggage his father brings and the lack of interest by other teams (who wouldn’t want the Lavar distraction).


Lavar will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on Lonzo’s career.

Only Lonzo will dictate that.

In other news the Lakers win two in a row by beating up the Kings.

Lonzo played amazingly well in every aspect bar shooting (as to be expected at this stage) and Randle continues to play well.

Here’s hoping we can string a few more together here as the team has actually looked like wanting to have a dip the past two games.



Damir Ball


Here is a talented 14 year old Aussie kid. Serious handles


Basketball and data, yes please. Look at Pops