NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Didn’t expect Boogie to get a starter gig


Tatum was poor in today’s game against the 76ers.
Simmons was fairly quiet too, but better than Tatum.


Reckon a lot of little might now realise just how much easier Tatum has it. Role player in a winning team compared to Simmons who often running the floor for the Sixers.


The Cavs really need a defensive-minded coach if they are going to make their way through any teams in the Eastern Conference this year. To give up 140+ points is just terrible.


Who cares about them 76ers? The 36ers just went to seven straight.


They have won 3 on the trot and should push to 4 straight against the grizzlies

8-2 over the last 10 and in a nice groove


When do we start talking about IT and defence?

(have not watched him this season, but he is just a poor defensive guard)


Kidd fired


I don’t get the Kidd firing.
They are probably under performing by about 5 wins?
Milwaukee are decent but need more talent. Giannis is the only guy who warrants a double team. The trade for Bledsoe was okay, but hasn’t helped take the load off Giannis.


I definitely would not have fired Kidd until the end of the season and looked how they performed with Parker back in the lineup, and how they went in the playoffs.

Surely there is no possible way this move could pay off at this stage of the season.


Never really rated Kidd.

Ball movement has been an issue all season as well as tempo basketball and he has done nothing to address it.

I’m happy to move on and see who else can get the best out of this talented group.


76ers coughing it up in the 4th again.


You always get your moneys worth and a wild ride with this team.


Philadelphia Frustraters at it again…


Boogie with a ridiculous line


West all-star reserves: Westbook, LMA, Butler, Lillard, Draymond, Klay, KAT

No cp3, paul george.


East all-star reserves: Porzingis,Lowry,Wall,Love,Beal,Oladipo,Horford


Cp3 hasn’t played enough I don’t think, George is a bit stiff


Wall gets the gig ahead of Simmons.


Cavs are a joke.