NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Give them a bit of credit though.
I’m surprised they kept the Spurs under 120.

If the Cavs don’t make a trade, I can see Lebron leaving.
I’d love to see him end up in Washington. Would really make the East interesting.


They’re throwing the only starter to show effort under a bus. pissant organisation that’d be nowhere if lebron wasn’t born in a ■■■■ town near Cleveland.


To be fair the Spurs didn’t have Kawhi, Gay and Ginobili.

That’s probably not fair to the Cavs


What is going on with the Celtics?

Lakers beat them by a point today despite being an absolute disgrace at the line.

I’d like to know some of the poorest free throw shooting times in history because I reckon we would have to be right up there this year. It’s embarrasing.

We have actually got some form together recently and aren’t playing half bad without Lonzo.

Kuzma gave Tatum a bath.


Definitely a few very good players that have been snubbed for All-Star but it happens every year.

Lebron today become the only player in history with 30k/7k/7k. Youngest ever to reach 30k points.
I can’t believe some people still question his greatness.


No question about his greatness.

But when it comes to it, it’s Michael. Come on

Durant wont be far behind LeBron statically when he is retired , but he is not at Michael levels



When he won his last championship, he passed Kobe for greatness (IMO).
It’s tough to beat Jordan for greatness, but he’d be the closest comparison to him and he’s every chance to overtake him by the end of his career.
He’s made 7 straight finals, 8 finals in total and has made conference finals in but 4 seasons of his career. Has barely missed a game in 15 seasons. Amazing longevity and has rarely had a bad game.


You must not use the internet very much (other forums, game chats, Facebook comments etc.). The man certainly does receive some unwarranted criticisms everywhere you look.


Usually it’s kids that never saw Jordan but were told he was the goat that hang ■■■■ on LeBron.


Gasol didn’t play either


Agreed he gets unnecessary ■■■■. Had a ■■■■■■ good career, one of the best.

My only knock is he has crushed a very weak East for the last 10 years, post Boston 08 - I haven’t really rated any non-Lebron East teams.


To be fair most kids that never saw MJ claim Lebron to be the greatest.

I think that’s why the opinion is always divided.



Also a bit of ‘basketball in my day’ is better than basketball today

‘AFL was better in the 90’s’

blah blah blah

For some reason, people struggle with just watching greatness


I don’t get it either.

Both are great players but people need something to argue about.

It’s what we do best.





Those tees are hideous

To think of the hours spent in meetings deciding on that design



Simmons 8,11,5 first quarter.

Holy Moly


On track for another triple by half time. The guy is a freak. So what if he doesn’t possess a jumper when you PG can collect 10 boards in a quarter.


Frighten awesome! Hope they start selling Four n Twenty pies in the US. Meat pies are the food I miss most since moving to St. Louis in June.

C’mon Schnucks and Dierbergs… stock em!!