NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


The Clips would love to flick Jordan too, with his contract, that’s a hard sell.


The sixers are 0-17 with three pointers!!!


1 from 19. Turning it around


Blake Griffin doesn’t.

Poor ■■■■■■■.


heat jerseys so good.


Detroit’s ok. Plus he did get $170m.

Interesting pov from a former teammate:


Wall and Love out 6-8 weeks.

East seeds are gunna get funky.


and Harden just dropped a 60/11/10 /4/1 line.



Jazz whipped the Dubs as well.
Jingles was smokin’ 6/8 from down town, 20 points, and was the catalyst to the win.


First player in NBA history to drop 60 and record a triple double at the same time.




Ben not passing today. Just scoring.


Wants that Kevin Love All-Star spot.


And should get it, if any non rookie was putting up his numbers they’d get the gig


CJ Mccollum on track for 100 point game. Just a lazy 28 in the first quarter.


So ■■■■■■■ close 2 stupid mistakes not made and we beat the cavs.


Cannan just broke his leg in very similar style to Haywood


That’s horrible footage,


If this happens, I think I will give the NBA a rest for a while. Surely not.


Far be it for me to feel sorry for a bloke earning $173 Million over the next 5 years, but finding out you’ve been traded via Twitter is pretty ■■■■■■ and reflects badly on the Clippers organisation. After everything he’d given to that team BG deserved better. Off to a good start in his debut game in Motown, 13 points in the first half.