NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Feel for all the all stars losing their spot through injury, but super happy for goran to be included.


Clearly if you are the opposition you don’t want Simmons with a point to prove. Has smashed Dragic today.


Even the Sixers couldnt blow this lead… surely…


Oh, they’re doing their best. Heat on a 14-0 run. 14 points in it 90-76 with 6:40 remaining in Q4


Make that 17-0. Sixers in disarray.


Doris is an awful commentator


Real talk what wonders could spo do with simmons and embiid?


Sixers activating full Essington mode


they’re safe.


Ummm… think again. Covington takes eyes off the ball and goes out of bounds. Heat ball. 4 in it with 23 secs to go. Heat have the ball.




Sixers win. LOL! Nearly blew that one after leading by 28.



My colour commentator rankings:
1 Hubie
2 Doris
4 C Webb

Top four because I can’t think of any other good ones.


James 'cocked that ■■■■ back and banged on ‘em’ Johnson


Am i wrong in thinking a few years ago they were video reviewing everything in the last few minutes but now its never?


Cavs are so terrible, losing by 32 to the Rockets at home and Rockets still had Gordon and Ariza out!


Thomas still isn’t fully match fit, but he certainly doesn’t look like he’s going to solve anything.


Their problem is on defence and Thomas is hardly going to improve that at all, in fact when he has played this year, he has made them look worse.


More than look. Their defensive rating with Thomas on the court nose-dives. At least previously that could be offset by his offensive output, but with that struggling he’s a massive net negative.

Defensive rating jumps from 110 (pretty bad) to 118 (almost historical bad levels).