NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Another cakewalk for the cavs to finals.


Favorites they may be, I’m not convinced.


Anyone watch wizards vs cavs
The wizards shooting after quarter time has been insane.


I’m no nba expert, but do the wizards have a chance to go deep in the playoffs. They seem to have so many shooters


Yes very much enjoying it. If Cavs lose then Sixers have a huge opportunity to almost lock in third position tomorrow. Would mean they likely go through Boston in 2nd round without Irving.


John Wall choked big time.


Turned it on and cavs down by 16 and they get up to win. Bugger


reckon the jazz could go far. what a transformation from the tank that was suggested early on after losing hayward.


wtf is this even?


Just a massive bomber supporter being awesome


Is that a foul? Because I remember doing that to some kid in under 14s with the game on the line and got called for it. I was furious but he missed both and we won so I was still a hero.


It is but can’t tell in real time


I think they been more lenient on that contact this season if the defender is straight up as soon as they reaching forward for the block they call it. Lolz they had to give the bloke on D a little bit of lea way with all them murderous dunks being put down


Exum has gone vertical, so I think he’s ok.
If there was any evidence that he contacted out of the vertical plane, then it could be a foul.


technically a foul, hits the arm lower before the ball


Cavs vs 76ers about to start. Should be a ripper.


Great start by the sixers.


8 minutes in Ben 5, 6 & 5. Tracking a triple double early

Ben’s first quarter 7 pts 8 reb 5 ast - and he gave some very open looks they missed late.


He is absolutely dominating!
Everyone keeps saying it, but he is just such a crazy talent, there really is no ceiling for him.

Lebron having a 'mare.


And then there’s Fultz. Can’t believe how good he’s looked after the trouble he’s had all year.