NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


LeBron at SF


The future Sixers are scary without LBJ.


Not sure giving up a 30 point lead is scary!


That was without Embiid…and unlike earlier in the season, they held on for the win. This team is only going to get better if they stay together.


Young teams will so that, as they mature that will happen less and less.

Edit: add embiid and that doesn’t happen

Edit 2: Jonah bolden is on that team next year too.


Serious LOL at people imagining LeBron at the 76ers :joy:



Genuinely bigger chance to there than the lakers imo


The “Simmons shuts down King James” headlines are a bit ridiculous.


WTF even is that?!


Trey Burke made it from MSG pretty quick!


It should have been the heir challenges the king and reign stands.

Except the rest of cavs are ■■■■


Clippers eliminated in their loss to the Nuggets today.
The three other playoff bearing games all too close to call.


Does anyone have a league pass they use through the apple TV app?

I’ve just a new apple TV and I’m getting an error message saying we can’t view the content.


I’ve been getting that error through the xbox one app too. Pain in the ■■■.


Have you paid a subscription for the pass? If not…tell your story walking.


What kind of question is that?

I’ve got a monthly 8 game pass. Works fine on every other device.


Don’t waste your money on a league pass. Go to reddit, search nbastreams and enjoy. I haven’t missed any games I’ve wanted to watch.


Last Utah jazz game had the worst streams I’ve ever seen


reddit is amazing for NBA