NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I’ve got league pass on AppleTV and IPad, never had any issues.


absolutely insane plays by the jazz.



I was assuming you were like all the other ■■■■■■ here…wanting free streams of everything…even training sessions and reserve practice games.

I should ask if you have downloaded the latest AppleTV app for it. I have on AppleTV and no problems, not that it’s the same thing, but you do have to download the app and configure its settings accordingly. I can also do it directly on the Smart TV, again after downloading the app.


Yeah I got my new apple TV on Saturday and downloaded the new app.

Ive got NHL 2018 and it works fine.

No idea what is happening.


jazz secure a playoff position


Did you say you have the 8 game?


Apparently they know about the issues with the apps


yeah. Why? Is this a setup?


No, I find that if you choose the game via the mobile app it then becomes viewable on the Apple TV


oh ok thanks. I’ll try it.


I have a team account and and 8 game so I’m familiar with your struggle


■■■■ Miami are a disappointment. Will get rolled 4-0 in the first round no matter who they verse.


Miami were terrible in the 4th.
Makes its extremely likely that we’ll have an OKC vs Jazz match-up in the first round of the West playoffs.


Was Whiteside lethargic again?


Played only 21m.


He won’t get minutes unless he shows a willingness to do what spo wants.


Whiteside was actually one of the better players, but still lets the team down when he gets in foul trouble. Olynyk only played like 15 minutes and Dragic and Wade shot like 4/20 together.

Heat just don’t have that consistency. I would have loved to have ended OKC’s season.


was gonna ask, was it a ‘cue in the rack until the actual play offs’ sort of game?