NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


whiteside on 3 fouls already…


Also the uglier thisg ame gets the more its spo’s bread and butter.


Missed the first half but looks like Wade is playing really well and we have improved a lot defensively.


His knees decided they wanted to work today.


Ben on 4 fouls. Still had a decent game, 17/7/4. Can’t see Philly getting back in this one unless Reddick, Belinelli and Ilyasova catch fire from downtown…


This one looks over. Everything dropping for the Heat when they need it.


Out and about but looks like Covington is putting up another Brick of a performance


Ben Simmons is really good at basketball


Dragic is throwing ■■■■■■■ bricks.


Back to within 4 with 6 mins left. Ben and Saric responsible for the comeback…




If we get a legit marquee player i reckon we’er a chance next season. we have too many consistent types, no one that could take a game by the throat.


Simmons lack of shooting range hurting them down the stretch (notwithstanding he dragged them back into in the first place)? With this sort of buffer surely you just keep giving Simmons the key and covering the shooters


yeah the dwyanes


Blame goes on blokes like Covington putting up a mare

Vintage Wade, he still knows how to use his body to draw contact when going to the paint. A magician.


76ers needed fultz on.


Whole game came down to hitting threes…9 out of 10 the Sixers will be better than that. Wade had a day out so in light of that still confident Sixers in 6.


■■■■ the 6ers heat nasch


Twitter feed is blaming Simmons for the loss despite being just about the only >50% FG starter :D.

Same crowd also saying that Mitchell should be RoTY because he is the main man on his team

Make up your mind, eh?

Game was lost on putrid shooting by Covington 1/9 3FGs, Redick 1/7, Belinelli 2/8. They chucked up awful contested shots all game. Spoelstra clearly adjusted the D, Brown will have to adjust.


This plus the way they acted after the SB

I understand, why they have the reputation as the worst supporters