NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


good depth in outside shooters now for 76ers


Dragic had a stinker.
Simmons 1 rebound short of a triple double. 76ers do it easy.


Heats gameplay failed. Needed to try 20 points down late in the 3rd. Then come from behind against the 6ers


Pellies up a dozen early in the 4th.


Pelis win. Lillard and McCollum were poor. Holiday was impressive containing them.


We saved our aboslute worst shooting performance for today. No way Dame and Cj do that back to back.


Indiana wow


Cavs just played about their worst game of the year. Total disinterest.


Cavs played like a team of guys who know none of them are going to be there next year


So what do you think about Kawhi not bothering to travel with the team to support them in the playoffs and ‘rehabbing’ in playoffs?


Hate it, I want him traded. It’s one thing to have issues with the front office, but you support your team mates who have been battling without you all year when playoff time comes around


Yeah there’s something not right at all.

Spurs are such a well run organisation they’re keeping something from bubbling up to the media, but when you hear Manu and Pop frustrated there’s something up.


his management/support network/ family seem to have gotten to him.


Well after that round of matches it looks to be the cakeiest of cakewalks for the Warriors again this year.


I think it’s called entourage, and, except for Vincent Chase, not a good thing.


From what I read, it’s primarily his uncle, and from what I hear, he is a ■■■■■■■


Rumours around that Bogut will be in the nbl next year.


There were some a couple of months ago suggesting he will play for and part own the proposed EFC franchise. But then his statement about the nba next season erased those rumours.


I’m actually also hearing a number of teams are put off by his outspoken political leanings


Yeah on Twitter he shot downthe rumours. Doh. Would have been awesome to have him in the league.