Needles in strawberries!


The person responsible must be a prick.


Clearly came from all the hay they put over strawberries.


that really is the last straw, bury the guy


Targetting privledged whites.


Surely if you cut them in two directions you’re fine. Saves throwing out gazillions of perfectly fine fruit.


Bloke who did it is a real prick.


No punnet all here

Hope they can pin down who did it. Whoever it is, should be killed and thrown down the sewer.


This guy?


Only strawberries targetted? Racist…


Police hope to have the case sewn up quickly.


It gets worse. My greengrocer also has poison berries. I think that’s what he said.


Pointless thread


Whoever did it should be jailed for life. What goes through someone’s mind when they do that


Sew have they caught him yet? What a knitwit…


When they catch the offender, they’ll claim it’s a stitch-up


Waiting for reports that Jake Brady has progressed from ■■■■■■■ in his mums room to ■■■■■■■ needles.


i hope they over-lock the perpetrator up.


When they put up an Identikit, he’ll be asking “Don’t Janome?” as he’ll be in the Spotlight.


You don’t needles for pingas and lines.


Are they sure it’s legit, not an insurance/ripoff job?

(I do realise this goes against the tone of the thread.)