Neeld gets it - walks out never to return

Given the other thread maker thought it deserved a topic, here’s mine.

Worsfold had us playing good footy despite the odds in 2016 and some really good footy in 2017.

In 2018 we handed the gameplan over to the guy who turned kids like Scully and Trengrove into bonafide spuds and suddenly all our players are going backwards.

Let woosha coach. Get rid of the brand architect.


This needs to happen ASAP.

Cancer to the club.


Yep. Worsfold is fine. Neeld HAS to go.


Wasn’t he initially involved with player development? He came on board in 2015, yet despite the shitstorm engulfing the club the likes of Zerrett and Raz emerged. So his ability in terms of that wasn’t too bad IMO. But if he is involved with our gameplan and strategy, that is a poor appointment.

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I think a major problem (over and above
Worsfold in fact) are the assistants.

Any chance of getting anyone who has actually played football in the last fifteen years?

Need to go, Neeld, Harvey (way past his use by), Skipworth, that other Geelong guy whose name I can never remember. Kelly stays.

In: Recent retirees who actually understand modern football. I’d be thinking Nick Riewoldt, Andrew Mackie, Matt Priddis and Tom Lonergan.


Agree, we need more recently retired players as coaches, people that know the modern game and not 55 year old failed coaches getting a payday.


Yes please

whose idea was it to promote this guy?

nobody. Nobody is ever responsible for anything at the club.


Bringing the club into disrepute

Neeld, needs to be shown the door ASAP. After what transpired during his tenure at Melbourne, I can’t believe that anyone would think that this guy was worth the risk.


This thread should be renamed to say “Sacks Assistants”. They’re the major problem here. Neeld title would suggest the scope that he has over the players. Blind Freddy could pick it.


Club should make a statement and remove him now. Would release the valve a bit on the whole game plan poor performance but. Then put the next one in the cannon as the game strategy/midfield guy (skipworth) so when another ten ■■■■ games comes along we can have a good reason to flog them off too.

By R20 we should have it as Woosha and Crow and that’s it. Woosha can coach the twos too. Start the hiring process now for decent assistants.

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Skipworth did a great job with the forwards last year, not sure why he’s in the gun apart from that disastrous final that he coached in the vfl. Midfield is a personnel issue, but the bloke who took over one the best performing forward lines in the competition and turned it into a basket case (corrigan) should be stuffed up Neeld’s ■■■■, then stuffed into a cannon, then fired into the sun.


Mark ‘■■■■■■■’ Neeld

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills so I’m gonna blast this everywhere.

Mark Neeld is allegedly the only person ALLOWED to talk to John Worsfold on game day.

If I had to listen to that clown for four quarters I’d look like my avatar too…


What’s the source of that allegation?

Not sure it’s appropriate to single neeld- unless I’ve missed the other assistant coach threads. I think they all need to go bar Kelly.

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Neeld has to go
Insane he was even hired

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