Neeld gets it - walks out never to return

Not sure why Kelly stays when he is responsible for development.

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The internet.

It’s probably BS.

But it is fair to single out Neeld in some capacity, if he’s effectively running Worsfold/the team like a puppet.

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i’d say hes doing fine, all the players he influenced are dominating the vfl.

Is he responsible for putting players out of position and playing against their strengths tho.

who is responsible for playing the players out of position?

That’s the Out of Line Line Coach.


He needs to be sacked then :blush:

I’d say everyone but the development coach.

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It just seems like development isn’t great either.

Could be wrong.

Wait, “provably” or “probably”?

Probably provably?


Provably Probably?

Hold on, that’s not a typo it’s a real word isn’t it…

Yup, and alters the meaning just a little.

Just before we get out the flaming torches and pitchforks what are Neeld’s top 5 KPIs and his performance on each one? Also what do Hepp and the leadership group think of Neeldy? Can you also identify the decisions that Neeld is responsible for individually as opposed to recommendations he makes to the head coach? Also let’s say there are 100 posters on here shouting that Neeld is to blame, can you add up the total time all of you have spent talking to Neeldy, observing his work and discussing his performance with his managers? That will be a useful number too, as we form a coherent argument so we can bone him without HR getting upset.

This should be a good report and will show that the anti-Neeld movement is not just another ugly -ism.


A Melbourne supporter commenting on Neeld’s time in charge:

The list was bad but Melbourne won 8 games with a percentage of 95 the year before he took over and he stripped out everything that worked in their game plan and added in a bunch of stuff that didn’t. There’s some similarities with Essendon now. Big tall plodding line ups. Lack of midfield spread, with the mids desperate to get back to the backline instead of get on their men and caught in no mans land. Defenders scared to make mistakes and chipping the ball around. Replacing ball winning mids with a bunch of flankers who can’t win it at the contest.

Doesn’t all sound like us, but a lot of that certainly does.

Particularly he bit about mids running back without purpose and backs chipping it around so as not to make mistakes


I can tell you that his title is “Game Performance Coach” and our game performance is total ■■■■. I’m not sure which KPI performance during games is for a Game Performance coach, but I’d hope it’s somewhere near the top of page 1.


I always thoughts ■■■■ coach so WTF did we pick him up?

Hmm. Just waiting to hear back from CERB


Has he been sacked yet??


has to go