Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


Don’t see how McNeice fits the bill as tried and failed alongside Myers and Baguley.


So, its Tuesday. Expect an announcement today then.


We advertised. “Wanted: anyone from a club with a connection to Steve Dank so that we can, err, shed any connections with Steve Dank”.


I get the feeling there’s a lot of retrospective blaming of Neeld by persons who don’t really know what he did or whether he was any good at it.

Notwithstanding, the assistants as a whole look like a pretty uninspiring bunch. The strange thing is that the one everyone seems to want to get rid of is Skipworth, who actually did a pretty good job with our forward line last year, before being (inexplicably) removed from that role and replaced by Paul Who?


They wont give games to the kids. Maybe one or two spasmodically but the coach is now coaching for his job. He wont sacrifice possible wins to try the kids.

Its not my job on the line but I’d love to see Francis, Zerk Clarke Ridley Redman and even Draper get serious game time


If you take the club line, " we made his position redundant " then its a sure sign he was made to consider his position ( aka resign with dignity).
Or you could take the newspapers line that he was “sacked”

Either way he has been “blamed” or held responsible for the failures at coaching level.

So, why is blaming Neeld so bad. Clearly the club has attached some blame to him .

The last group are his mates, who say Neeld has been scapegoated. Thats what mates always say. The truth may be clearer by the end of the season based on what happens from now.


Isn’t that obvious? He’s a 26 year old who’s been on the list a few years now and hasn’t made an impact as a 26 year old should. IMO, he’s displayed that he’s too slow for a 178cm small defender and IMO, panics with ball in hand. He’s not part of the future. He’s had 3-4 consecutive weeks in the senior team and a few games last year to prove he’s up to the level and failed. We need to make the call that he ain’t gonna cut the mustard and find out whether any of the younger players on the list can perform at the top level. I think Saad and McKenna are adequate as small defenders, obviously a couple of talls and some medium/rebounding defenders make up that six. Ambrose, Hartley, Hooker & Hurley obviously will occupy 2-3 of those spots, I see McNiece as surplus to requirements and would much rather have a look at a 20 year old (Ridley or Redman for example) who might be a player rather than a 26 year old who won’t make the level.




I’m absolutely stoked that Neeld is gone, but what does it say about Woosha (as the Head Coach) - if Neeld was the puppet master? Can anyone imagine such a person influencing say, Clarko? No frickin way. Clarko is the boss (even tries to persuade Gill in a Prahran coffee shop. The balls on that bloke). No more excuses for Woosha.


He’s a nice bloke who can cook.


Can someone explain to me why we have a senior coach who has a tonne of experience, yet we as a club think needs assistance above and beyond Assistant Coaches still in the role?

What the ■■■■. If they KNOW he needs that much help why he hell is he there?! Why not just get a Senior Coach who doesn’t need that?!


I’ll do you one better, why did he get a contract extension?


He doesn’t have to coach for his job he has a contract and whatever happens, he will be paid.

He is uninspiring. If he can do it with the assistants and he can’t we them either.


Listened to the Richardson interview on SEN. Got what I expected. Toed the part line. Full of praise for everyone even Neeld.

I hope this guy is more than a puppet and has some influence on decisions that need to be made. Is he actually good at his job? Or was he hunted because he was at a club that just happened to win a flag. He was there when they were crap remember!!

Does that mean the tea lady at Richmond is the best in the land because they won the flag? She may have been there in 2016 when they were crap


I would have thought the best way to keep your job was to put the blokes who are injured out of the team, announce a ‘Horiffic injury toll’ and play the kids. Can’t be your fault if a heap of blokes were injured, anyway you managed to get development into the young blokes and had a good look at the list to see who you want to take moving foward. #strategic.


We have issues and you want to feed the media?


True he will paid whatever happens but he just might want to coach for a few more years. Wont happen if we keep this up


No. I said I got what I expected. It was a no brainer. Just questioning his credentials


Not sure about that. Even Xavier mentioned rewarding those playing well in the VFL. So I think the pressure is on to do something more creative with selections.
If I was our CEO/board (and I’m not) what I want to know from Woosha is what going to happen now, and how that is going to take us to winning a flag.
I think it’s the perfect opportunity for coach/players/club to say internally we mis-judged the approach to 2018, we know what we need to do and this is it.


Sack people who tried something different? Yeah that’ll inspire change in the future.