Neeld gets it - walks out never to return




if this is the case…what were all the other assistants actually doing to add any value?


See that always made sense to me. If Neeld is a good assistant, bring him in as assistant. But whichever clown(s) decided to make him puppet master of the senior coach, need to go.


Next it’ll come out Neeld wanted to play Clarke and drop Myers.


He can’t be the only problem. I’m not suggesting sacking him was wrong but maybe the club should have started a few weeks ago and demanded the selection committee enforce some changes first. This action now seems reactive, ignorant of the depth of the problems and unprofessional.


The power at our place went out a couple of weeks ago. Something was tripping the fuse. We went through, having to unplug item by item, to find what was tripping the switch. The very last thing we tested… that was the problem.

This could take a while, and there’s going to be some collateral damage. But hey…


A common mistake.


Maybe that’s the Essendon brand: Square pegs into round holes.TM


The only hope Worsfold has of being a winning coach is if the team is well drilled in a gameplan that works exceptionally well with the players he has at hand. His ability to adapt and change is very poor.

As such, while he is calling the shots, I cannot see us improving in the short-term.

What this has done though is pretty much bought him the rest of the year. If they are asking him to turn it around before the bye, then the bloke may as well resign now. There really are only 4 games remaining I think we have a hope of winning given current form.

Round 12 Brisbane at the Gabba
Round 17 Suns at Metricon
Round 18 Freo at Etihad
Round 21 St Kilda at Etihad

Given we don’t bother to show up when we jump on a plane, and Freo are actually doing ok at present, that might mean the pressure is really on the round 21 game.


Aust. female 100m record. 11.00sec. back in 1973 Denise Robertson. Hand timed.[quote=“Bacchusfox, post:676, topic:12977, full:true”]
Now I never disagree with you Trip, but running just under 11 seconds for 100 m means little on a footy field. It is that first 10 m that is important.

Many girls have run 100 m faster than 10.95, see how they would translate to bursting away in a footy match.


I actually thought that was pretty funny, and a crack at Hutchy, not Lloyd.


Anyone seen him leaving the club. Just want to make sure he is actually gone


Now you tell me.


Just posting this here because yesterday’s events made me think of it, again.


Jake Niall in today’s Age -
‘Neeld had been brought to Essendon by Neil Craig, who knew the ex-Demons senior coach from their days at Melbourne’.
And how did we get Neil Craig?




quality bump


low contact, insufficient force, not required

1 week




Agree with nearly all of your post. But there is no ‘waste’ to any football season - especially one with 2\3 of the games to go. We must expose young players on the list, get 15 games into Ridley, Clarke, Mutch, Redman etc. Then there is Francis, can he grab a spot back and build momentum for next season. There is always progress to be made even if the ‘result’ of the season goes belly up (which it has).

I also think the swapping of round 2 picks is negligible given the vagaries of second round draft picks - so what if it’s pick 36 instead of 29, will make no difference IMO.