Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


What if someone else surrounded him with these people, rather than him choosing who he wanted?


Grand Final sprints are a perfect demonstration that the quickest over 100m isn’t necessarily the quickest over 10-30m
Last year Steven May was clearly ahead at about halfway and ended up coming 5th or 6th


Thats just crazy that a senior coach doesn’t build his team. You gotta have people you can trust in a high pressure job like that.


Correct. So why doesn’t he have confidence in his assistants? Did he select them?. Did he have input into this crazy structure?

What a shambles


That’s where the coach should have strong input. The senior coach is appointed to coach and build the team and to define how they play. He should be able to say “I want/don’t want this guy as an assistant”. Very few successful teams have discord in the coaching ranks. The theory of “buying-in” shouldn’t just be the players. The people who select the senior coach should be mindful of this when making the appointment.

Likewise, a good leader/coach should be able to listen to other people’s recommendations and then make their own decisions when it comes to whether they want to keep existing staff in the same roles.


Cooney was discussing the lack of communication between players and Worsfold , earlier this week.
No names mentioned, but read between the lines. One of Neelds jobs was to handle/filter the demands of players and others on Johns time.

"…However, it’s the communication aspect that the 2006 premiership winning coach needs to address to extract a positive reaction from the playing group.

“I spent a year with Woosha and he is a great coach in terms of man management,” Cooney told SEN Afternoons.

“But I just found, and what’s obviously not working at the moment, is that you need to have a really close relationship with your players – and the best coaches do…"


I agree he hasn’t impressed me in the interviews iv’e seen of him, but caro was saying last night he was the one that pulled the trigger on neeld. She was also saying he was the one behind all the successful moves at richmond last year, despite being somewhat demoted himself (not sure how that works) and he vowed to not sit on his hands too long again before making big decisions (thats why neeld got the bullet now).


the question that needs to be asked…is why are you listening to that slag


If Hardwick had a say on his assistants, he wouldn’t be a premiership coach and he would have been sacked by now.

Not validating what has been set up, but you do need a balance of ‘coach appointed’ assistants and ‘club appointed’ assistants.
Obviously, you need to cycle through them, not hang on to them for five or six years, otherwise you run the risk of having a stale message and a bunch of ‘yes’ men who don’t challenge each other.


I do not accept that worsfold was prevented from talking to other assistant coaches or players by Neeld. If that was what was happening then it would have been a structure put in place by worsfold or at least endorsed by worsfold.

If Neeld was being a poor filter, then I can’t understand how that wasn’t being picked up by worsfold - I’m assuming at some time over a week he would spoken to someone other than Neeld.


It’s the same as we did with weapon, he was basically the weights guy at Geelong and we make him high performance manager in charge of the whole show.


Sounds like he’s perfect for a Public Service position. That’s what they do.


He’ll probably walk straight into a job at AFL House he’s doing an MBA.


He was the guy that turned Geelong’s players into massive units in a single preseason… ‘boys against men’ was a quote that I remember from those days. I’m not sure he was just ‘the weights guy’


Beats me.
I for one can’t think of any past event whatsoever that would result in management wanting triplicate red tape where the senior coach can’t make decisions. None whatsoever.


I understand Ziggy is excitedly standing by ready to undertake a review of the football department. Let’s all sit tight and be confident.


He wasn’t in charge of their entire fitness Dept and he wasn’t the same type of management role there or at the GC. Perhaps a simpler example is when we traded for Prismal, Geelongs 5th/6th best mid and then wondered why he didn’t single handedly make our midfield anything like Geelong’s.


Very similar to how, when you lose something, it’s always in the last place you look.


Andrew Gaze today said that fundamentally the structure is fine. Said the last thing you need during a game is assistants coming at you from all angles with suggestions. Said the model is fine but everyone must be on the same page and happy with the process. Also said that if assistants were giving messages to the runner without the coaches knowledge they should be sacked on the spot.

Clearly in our case it didn’t work


I miss Mark Neeld. He was a bad coach, but he was out bad coach godamn it.