Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


Can he cook?




If there is one thing we need its coaching and game day advice from Andrew Gaze.
I am all for outside people who have elite success coming in. But have you actually listened to the guy?

Stop watching the ■■■■ tv shows.


Andrw Gaze is dumber than a fence post!
Him and Danny Frawley combined wouldn’t have an IQ as high as a 8 year old!


Bit rough on that poor 8yr old Waz. What did they ever do to you?


What do the awesome foursome think about the coaching structure?


We’re up shit) creek without a paddle.:yum:


Bombermik. I was cruel. I take it back.


I heard Kieren Perkins is worried about our back half transitions


I won’t be satisfied until I know what the X Factor judges think.


One of them used to work at AFL House, ask him.


Also is a Hawks supporter, so fark him.


Melinda Gainsford would totally drop Myers for Langford.
Matt Shirvington is still flip-flopping about it.


Shane Kelly thinks the team has taken its foot off the pedal.


Michael Diamond thinks were are having enough shots, just need to improve the accuracy


What does Leroy Loggins think of our coaching structure?


Let’s get back to basics.
What would Walter Lindrum do?


I don’t know, but tune in to One on One on Sunday morning to see what Steve Carfino makes if it all.


Grant Hackett can’t stop talking about Bags.


he thinks we’re short on an analyst or two