Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


Don’t you think Cameron Smith’s sudden retirement is a bit suspicious? Given chester’s post I think we need to watch this space very carefully.




Our new game performance coach?


Nice try, but not sure it’ll work.


He’s a 26 year old who’s been on the list for less than a season and a half, who missed most of his first year with injury after making a promising debut.

Baguley’s first few games were pretty similar to McNiece’s and he worked out in the end. I’m not saying he will be as good as Baguley, but he’s barely even had the chance to prove himself yet


Anyone who can run a sub 11sec 100m is quick and would look quick in any sport. Why you have to bring a pointless argument based on gender into I don’t know.


Splitting hairs but ok, whatever. So you don’t think the years he spent on the VFL list under our noses doesn’t count? He was only added to the list via a quirk of the category B rookie rules. In any case he’s not going to make it. Too slow for a small defender, not part of our future. Delist.


Because dipstick the original discussion was that because McGrath ran 10.95, it makes him faster than anyone.

Forty is not about running 100 quick, it is about running 10 metres explosively, carrying a footy.


Lol at 10.95 not being quick

If we were discussing squash or badminton perhaps you could make an argument.

But football is literally running (hopefully) a good distance on grass


Score over a hundred without letting the opposition get a possession.


Laughing everytime I listen to a presser and [player] is asked what their understanding was of Neeld’s role and whether there was any discontent on the playing group and responds by changing the topic, a nervous laugh and then squirms their way out of answering the question.

Jeepers - reminds me of a doco I saw on Scientology when even those who’ve left the cult seem afraid to speak the truth for fear of consequences.

What the hell happened there … must have been unspeakably bad… or they’re all sworn to secrecy

Can’t wait till someone slips up and more details come out.


It probably says a fair bit. (the players saying nothing)

Did you see the footage of his speech the other day?

Brett Kirk was a good bloke and a lead by example player but speeches that connect to your average bloke…? Not so much.

We are going to share energy and our minds…

Neelds speech came across that way to me


By the time players have completed their first preseason, they have probably completed Media Relations 301 and done a number of Moot Interviews, together with a briefing each time they actually do any real interview.

Edit: Not to mention learning how to sell a dummy and do a sidestep !


Hope they also get taught how to avoid being dragged into turf wars between club office bearers


That’s great. How many preseason until we teach them the gameplan?


“Fired from the club on Mon-daaay”


Goddard legit sounded like he had no idea of Neeld’s role in the coaches box on game day.


Trouble is Skipworth is more like terminal cancer, nothing can get rid of that guy


One aspect was to corral the opposition player rather than tackle which in theory should be enough pressure for a turnover.
We can’t even ■■■■■■ corral properly.


I always like someone to tackle the bugger. Don’t overcommit but tackling hurts.