Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


Hirdy mentions in this fridays podcast that a number of the players went to Neeld’s house on Monday night in support. I wonder what thats all about.


Not a real surprise. And good to see. Unless he was dreadfully evil and managed to put off all the players then I’m sure there are some who liked him and just wanted to be supportive.


To channel Gil/Hird - you haven’t done much wrong, it’s the optics.


I remember Collingwood’s 2010 GF win.

Neeld had been an assistant at Collingwood for a number of years. In the weeks leading up to the GF Neeld was appointed Head Coach of Melbourne and was promptly asked to leave Collingwood the week before the GF.

During the on-field celebrations at the end of the GF, Neeld who had to watch the game as a spectator, made his way down to the fence. When he was seen by the Collingwood players, a whole heap of them ran over and there was lots of joyful hugging and carry on. In my mind at least, the players saw Neeld as an important part of the team.


Why the particular hate for him?

Granted the coaching panel should go into the blitz cannon but why do you guys dislike him so much?


you can be a good guy but be a ■■■■ coach. Mid season sacking would be quite traumatic for the coach and players alike. If a mate got sacked at work youd probably take them out for a drink or two


Because Aceman is a better judge than the players?


I just don’t think the bloke is any good and he has been in our system for too long and it’s time to punt him. FWIW I don’t regard Harvey highly either and would punt him aswell


Well judging by some of the decisions the players make onfield perhaps their choices should be taken with a grain of salt :rofl:


Blitz has its own cannon now? If it’s at Rolo’s place in Toowoomba, I think we need to fund him to ride down to Tullamarine with it hitched to the back of his bike.


I dont get the hate for Skipworth either. He did well with a talented forward line, and inherited the poisoned chalice from Bluey. It was a bad career move…

That poisoned chalice derives from the lack of talent in the inside mid department and it originates with Jackets, Theres a standard joke about it, you know, about all the flankers we brought in, and we tried to convert them to mids. That has been going on for years, and we just rode on the back of Jobe for maybe 8 years knowing he had a use by date.

Langford might become a passable mid, Stringer might be able to spend more time in there, but these 2 guys really are flankers. As Clarke plays his first game we are going to have an answer as to whether Jackets first selection of a pure medium bodied mid in years will pay off, but the kid is only 19…

The main cause of our situation is recruiting. Not skipworth, not Harves or even Worsfold…


Hird meets Gillon. Hmmmm


I have had favourable second hand reports of him as a person and how well he spoke in-house when Hird “resigned”. He has been humiliated and possibly scapegoated and it speaks well for the character of those players who went to see him.


This is what I have heard:

Hirdy approached to assist Fremantle, positive media response
Neeld resigns
Hirdy Mets Gil, clearing the way
Hirdy doesnt rule our coaching again in Podcast
Speculation on BLITZ
Hirdy appointed as strategy/assistant coach

We win all remaining games, and then 2018 flag.*



Ross Lyon sacked in disgrace and cleanskin Hird appointed senior coach. “This one’s for Harvs” he says as he withdraws the knife.


You forgot:

Ralphy asks Hird on podcast if he’d ever coach again. Hird doesn’t 100% rule it out.


Have edited my original post.

Its all making sense now, I should have seen the pattern before…

‘* Ducking down to Coles for a bit more tin foil




It’s not you, it’s us.


Ok , was this guy really that bad around the club LOL?