Nelly Yoa - He's no Ricky Mott

This guy is a freakin legend


Who is this bloke? He’s been all over Twitter the past day or 2. What’s the back story to him?

From what I understand, which is very little… he’s fraud. Saying that he’s been playing for Chelsea and that knows Jose Mourinho. Now says that he’s an AFL footballer.

Australia’s greatest ever athlete

Rejected largest ever A-League contract with Melbourne Victory, helped Chelsea win the EPL

Played NCAA basketball

Now Playing for Collingwood

Mates with Usain Bolt

His ‘sporting’ career is a bit of joke and is an obviously fraud, the issue why it is popped up now is that he wrote a front page article for The Age defending the Sudanese and has been put up as a Sudanese Community Ambassador

and The Age swallowed his BS hook line and sinker


If only Bucks had used his secret weapon


Great fact checking going on down there at The Age, the guys obviously a fraud but reflects just as badly on them

We need more of this. Hypothetical celebrities tackling hypothetical problems.


He didn’t defend them, he kicked started the latest round of media against the Sudanese.

The real Sudanese community don’t know who he is either. Waiting for his links to the liberals to come out? Or he may just be nuts.


How come we didn’t draft him ? LOL

The best bit is how he made his OWN Mercedes advert.

Flog of the highest order

With a neck like his I’m surprised that Disco wasn’t all over him.


Yoa spammed Collingwood Football Club president Eddie McGuire until he got a training run with the Collingwood VFL side. He was cut almost immediately, but on social media talked as though he was on the cusp of an Anzac Day clash. A trial with North Melbourne was aborted in the middle of a 2-kilometre time trial when Yoa suddenly ran away to “take a ■■■■”. He then followed up with an angry email when told he hadn’t made the cut.



He stopped in the middle of a 2k run to have a poo?

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LOL! How much would that have set him back? What an idiot! Would’ve been amusing if he got done for contempt of court.

Pretentious? Moi?

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Been awhile … but Nelly is back

This part is a bit of a worry …

Yoa was employed by the Department of Justice as a contact tracer for the hotel quarantine system


Has the DOJ confirmed that he was in fact engaged by them and if so, as a contact tracer or in some other capacity ( such as interpreter, paper shuffler)?

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