Netflix - recommend me a good movie/TV series


Walter Mitty is a great movie

Always Sunny in Philadelphia new series is very funny.


Agree with Mighty Boosh. The Poms really can push the envelope, and nothing has pushed it as far as Boosh. Sadly, it's not on Netflix, at least that I have seen.


The wind is my only friend.


noel feildings luxury comedy has moments.

dont know if that was too weird even for me.


The wind is my only friend.

Not surprising, should it have been bean-generated.


noel feildings luxury comedy has moments.

dont know if that was too weird even for me.

We're off to see the Jelly Fox. 


You must watch series by Andy Yeatman on Netflix. It is perfect entertainment and you learn so many good things from it. I have been watching these shows for a very long time now and I want to continue watching this content for improving my knowledge. I am sure you will fall in love with these.


Look Ma the bots are back.


I’m watching Ozark right now. Very enjoyable


What’s it about


Season 1 of Jessica Jones is really good. One of the best bad guys I’ve seen on a tv show or move. Season 2 is ok, but season 1 was something special.


I’ll never watch David Tenants Doctor the same way again


About 50 mins per.


So like 60 minutes without the viewers letters.
Is George negus the antagonist


Watch - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
Not on Netflix but it’s the best show I’ve seen in years.


Money Laundering with a Breaking Bad kind of vibe.


Ok. Is the one with the computer hacker with Christian slater worth watching if I can find it


Loving Bodyguard on Netflix!

Oh, and any season of Narcos!


The 2 DEA real life agents from season 1 and 2 of Narcos are coming to Melbourne in July and doing a talk at the Athenaem theatre. Tickets on Ticketek if anyone is interested.


If anyone is looking for documentary type stuff:

  1. Explained. 15-20 minute episodes on a range of different topics, including cricket, the explanation mark, designer DNA, tattoos - quite a diverse collection!
  2. Dirty Money. Six 1 hour episodes concerning corporate greed and corruption.
  3. 7 Days Out. Background info about the days leading up to major events around the world - Westminster Dog Show, NASA Cassini Mission, Chanel Fashion Show and a few others.

Anyone know of any other interesting ones?