Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


Give up. Past greats, former coaches , even people close to the club have been pushing this barrow for several years and its just not going to happen.
Last week after we lost, our coaches were forced to not only give maximum AFLCA votes to an opposition player they did not tag, but also to the player that successfully tagged one of our best mids out of the game.

Go figure. That would stick in my craw tbh.


I figured out why Worsfold is making us play this way, a way we are guaranteed to lose against defensively minded teams like Sydney, Fremantle, Hawthorn, :

If we actually played close to our opponents, we would be forced to beat them one on one. Since by and large we have a lot of players who are outside runners ( we are a fast team) we ensure that they try to find space. Meanwhile their opponents circle the contest at the stoppage ( Sydney Richmond, Hawthorn) and even though we win clearances it goes straight to the opponents who have been left on their own.

Any team that does this at the moment will beat us. Other teams who play a similar style ( Collingwood, North, Geelong etc) will beat us if they spread better than us and they have an extra midfielder ( aka mobile ruckman)

So watch out this weekend.


Of course. But I was thinking this: