Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


Are you trying to put a sentence together?


Yes, it was kinda obvious.




They other free that farked me off was when Redman took that great intercept mark about 50m out.

Now, he did look like he was going to play on, but it’s not play on until the umpire says so, and he was being tackled before the umpire called it.

Sure enough he gave away the free for incorrect disposal.

Rules are rules*


10 Luke Parker (SYD)
8 Orazio Fantasia (ESS)
5 George Hewett (SYD)
3 Callum Sinclair (SYD)
2 Dane Rampe (SYD)
1 Zach Merrett (ESS)
1 Dyson Heppell (ESS)

Yeah, I reckon you can work these out on your own. There is one correct answer.


Technically 2


I just love the way John keeps on giving maximum votes to the opposition mid he lets run free and destroy us. It happens over and over year after year.

PS, whats more he gives votes to the opposition player that tags one of our top 3 mids out of the game. Its an irony that I hate tbh.


Third week straight an opposition mid has clearly been best on ground.

And still we won’t tag in the midfield…and we wonder why we keep losing so many games.

We need to start from a position that our midfield isn’t as strong as our opponent’s and look to heavily tag their best mid from the start…and physically work them over. Players with a huge tank are best at this as the best mids have a huge tank.

I would seriously take Ambrose out of defence and use him as my #1 mid field stopper on the likes of a Pendelbury or a Parker. Francis would then go back.

It is absolutely worth trying because we are going nowhere playing as we are with our game plan and structure as it is. A 15-15 W-L record since the start of last year is the output of a mediocre side and things have to change to get better.


There’s no way i’d be taking Ambrose out of defence. He’s having a great year. It’s never ideal to plug a weakness in one area of the ground with a strength from another area.

If you have you’re heart set on playing a tagger it would be better to develop somebody like Clarke.


The sooner Gil is gone the better.
Demetriou and GIll are a cancer on the AFL.


Well now… you know the answer to that, silly…
“We have undertaken a thorough internal investigation and we are confident that the umpire in question made the correct call”


Sydney were just hungrier around the contest and outworked us in transition.

It’s literally like we patted ourselves on the back after 1 tough game verse Collingwood and just expected that that brand was going to produce itself without effort each week.


Sydney wanted it more from the first bounce. No doubt at all. We really need to ramp up our pressure. It clicked in round 9 last year. Lets hope they get back to it this weekend.


I’ve accepted fate.


Why would we be nervous?
We know exactly the type of rubbish our players will serve up. The supporters just need to decide if they are willing to sit through it or not.


Unfortunately their virus is contagious. It is not just about them.


People shouldn’t worry about our midfield.
Midfields don’t count now.
It’s all about post stoppage contested clearances now.

(How I long for centremen, wingers and forward or back flanks. And I’d love a ruck-rover)


We at EFC have the knack of turning players around.


This is not the only thing. Everyone here also knows that:

  • Parish should have been in the centre,
  • Francis should have played in the backline (seeming Hooker should have played forward), - - Ham should not have played (using him intermittently is not helping him)
  • and on a more long term decision of getting rid of some plodders…Myers, Bags, Clarke…etc and play the young ones til they harden up by giving them every opportunity.


This guy alright ?