Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


At least I’m pretty sure the VFLW and VFL teams will be somewhat coherent.

Match Day Thread vs Bin Chickens
Match Review thread - Dumb carnts vs the bin chickens and umpires
Match Review thread - Dumb carnts vs the bin chickens and umpires

I hate the SCG.
I hate Sydney.
I hate Zac Clarke.
Not necessarily in that order.


Just bad, everything was bad.


I love the gameplan of bombing it into our f50 every time, even when they have a spare man in defence to cut it off every time.

No, wait, no I don’t. It sucks.


Out coached again.
3 weeks in a row, the opposition coach has done their homework… with specific plan to defeat us. We have sat back and allowed it to happen.

Then we look to have no plan to defeat the opposition other than “playing our brand of footy”.


At least there is no chance of finals so we can dump the old guys and pump games into young players.


Thread needs more dumpster fire gifs


I hate the continuing mediocrity that this farken club/team dishes up


Essendon deserved that… ■■■■ stain of a club… hate that I love them… if we weren’t talked up so much I’d be ok with this because this is our reality of what we are… ■■■■■ ! Myers ffs … better players get dropped for less.


Yeah, that all checks out.


I turned it on at the end - Myers and Heppell were laughing and celebrating.

We won right?


Why can we always expect us to come out against bottom dwelling teams and give them a sniff in the first qtr by just showing we don’t give a ■■■■


Mentally ■■■■■■, no plan, lacking big marking forwards, game plan ■■■■


Commentators think this game was the same as the Collingwood one. They have less than zero clue.


Sure we can…but history shows that we won’t


This is not the time for joke thread titles


Beaten by less than a kick after a goal from a HTB against us in our forward pocket and 100m penalty.
Only in Sydney.


FFS essendon FFS


Were ■■■■■■■ ■■■■. After ANZAC Day I thought we could give it a real crack this season but nup, not with mentally fragile pack of downhill skiers.

And Sydney’s Irish player speaks English better than ours…FMD.


John Worsfold’s coaching consists of moving Cale Hooker forward when it is too late and absolutely nothing else. Seriously put it on autocue and stay in Perth.