New Board Member - Andrew Welsh

Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Welsh, who will join the Board of Directors.

Welsh will fill the vacant position left by Simon Madden’s departure and will stand for election in the lead up to the AGM in December, alongside Andrew Muir who will be seeking re-election.

Since retiring in 2011 due to injury and after 163 games in the red and black, Welsh successfully transitioned into the business world.

As founder and Managing Director at Wel.Co, Welsh has worked with Australia’s leading property developers on residential, commercial, and retail developments across the country.

Welsh also has over a decade of experience working in the media industry as an AFL expert commentator and media personality.

President David Barham said Welsh would bring a range of knowledge and expertise to the Board.

“Andrew is a great addition to our Board. He brings not only a wealth of football experience, but also extensive business acumen,” Barham said.

“We are all looking forward to working with him, as we reset the club for the future.”

“I would also like to acknowledge fellow director Andrew Muir, for his diligent work as chair of our board nominations committee. His thorough process has led to the identification of the right candidate for this position.

Welsh said he was excited to contribute to the next chapter of the Essendon Football Club.

“I am delighted to join the board of the Essendon Football Club and am excited to be part of the next chapter of this great club,” Welsh said.

“This club has been a huge part of my life and I want to do everything I can to help it return to being a powerhouse in the AFL.

“I am pleased with the way the club is handling the appointment of a new coach. A fully independent panel, that is dedicated to finding us the best person is exactly the right process.

“I am also a big supporter of the club’s external review. For too long, we have not been successful on the field, and we need to work out why and address the issues.

“I look forward to reading the report and then playing an active part in making the necessary changes to help us become successful again.”




See, complete overhaul.


Who else would you have on an Essendon Football Club Board ?

You have to be a Member to be on the Board. Do you have a problem with Andrew Welsh ?


Is he still with that model??

Young Saucy was a fan…


Not really interested in answering any of your questions. Cheers mate.

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He also has to run for a permanent position come December, so if he doesn’t get the votes he is out again. He is simply a voice to replace Madden until then.

Yep, Kendall Nunn

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Lol at anyone that thinks Welsh doesn’t have the expertise to be on the Board.

Honestly I’m glad to see someone under 40 on the Board also. We need some exuberance and youthful passion on there.


Yep Madden and Brasher were long in the tooth. Board needed new blood
could add Sheedy to that, I don’t imagine he will stay on the board much longer either.

instead of moving us to mcg, welsh is going to buy the mcg and kick everyone else out


No issues with this as he’ll need to stand for election. This role fits his experience nicely.

Was concerned by the chatter of him getting Wellman’s football director position. That made little sense.

Watching his interview, it’s refreshing to see someone in the prime of their business career stepping onto the Board.

Someone with plenty of energy, speaks excellently, understands the workings of a football department, and also grew up an Essendon supporter in the local area.


no he wont, hell just be an appointed board member

I liked Andrew Welsh when he played for us, therefore I like this decision.

@ivan is gonna hate it


So the club is lying about the bolded part?

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club statement says he is standing for election at AGM in Dec


And you base this on what inside knowledge?

like any past player needs to bother being elected, big brain fans see ‘past player’ and go tick

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