New Director

Enemas become friends


An Enema is your friend,

Especially a coffee one.

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Does anyone remember Bev Knight ?


Bev was a coterie member etc. as well but she was in SWMNBN pocket. I don’t want to see this happen again


I really couldn’t give one gigantic ■■■■

all the best to her


I think that was me.

IIRC Katie mentioned a couple of times( here or Facebook or somewhere) that they were lacking someone with analytical skills in big data. Perhaps this is she.

Either way I would have preferred we kept Paul.


Very disappointed. I know nothing about her but ex fairfax should be enough to rule her out.

Unless of course, that as a supporter, she was ropeable at Fewfacts agenda & behaviour, and told them to get stuffed and left.

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Shiesh this doesn’t sound good. The board could have just appointed welly and let the election run its course. Which would have meant both Katie and Paul stayed on the board.


WHYYYYYY have I not joined the worlds biggest online sports betting company.


Good appointment.

Need more women on our board.

An experienced marketing/digital brain is needed with @Paul_Cousins leaving.

I have no doubt Melissa will bring a wealth of experience and new ways of thinking from her role at Facebook to keep Essendon FC ahead of the transformation that is happening in all sporting clubs/codes.

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I said sheish not shisha stallion!

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Now that’s stuck in my head again for about the next month.

“We gon’ fiiind you, we gon’ fiiind you.”


Does come back to my argument that nominated board members should be announced before the election, so members can make more informed positions.


Except Welly didn’t tell the Board he was interested in being appointed. He just nominated like everybody else.

I’d suggest there should be no nominated board members at all

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Agreed. the idea of a casual vacancy at the same time as an election seems ant democratic

Nah, we’d ultimately end up with a board of ex players. Like every other industry, board members should be appointed to fill skill gaps. The entire process itself, as it stands, needs some work.


Darli is right. I was giving hints on this appointee. Say whatever you will about her past sales employment at Fairfax, her expertise from Facebook in data and analytics is a huge win for our club. I’m incredibly excited to have Melissa on board - this is an edge and new dimension that most other clubs don’t have.

Yes we are both digital, but in very different ways.

P.s. despite what twitter has - unbelievably - already said, no ‘cat fights’ at our table.


I’m with megz on this.

There is Fairfax and there is fairfax. Unless someone can show otherwise I put Melissa Green into the small f category. Looks like the board wanted to bolster its digital/social media expertise with the loss of Paul Cousins. And with Catherine Lio, who has a strong digital background, that gives us two members in this important/critical area.
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