New Gold Coast Concessions

Can someone please explain to me how Gold Coast now getting free access to Darwin players doesn’t ■■■■ with our rich history of recruiting from this part of Australia?

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They will reap the draft but good luck getting the kids to stay

True. Still frustrating.

These concessions are the dumbest thing in dumbtown. Gold Coast’s current state is evidence of what happens when you try to build a club based on nothing but draft picks, and the AFLs solution to this problem is … MOAR DRAFT PICKS!!

They needed help out on the coaching/off-field side and help attracting prime-age players by trade or FA. Even a salary cap concession would have been better, cos it might have helped them retain players.

This will just lock in more of the same. What a fkg ■■■■■■■■■■■


Poor kids, think of the kids.
Maybe they should pickup Myers to protect them in the NEAFL

This is supposed to be a competition…

Why is the AFL rigging the deck for its own club?

We haven’t won a final in 15 years how the fugde are we meant to compete with clubs getting gifts like this, COLA, academies and entire drafting regions that we can’t even draft kids from?


Heavily compromised drafts coming up. Bottom end teams not including Gold Coast are going to get reamed, and it will only lend to giving Richmond their dynasty. Where are all these top picks going to want to move to when they inevitably decide that Gold Coast is a shitshow?

Its three years of draft assistance includes:

Pick No.1 at the 2019 NAB AFL Draft.
The first pick of the second round (currently pick No.20) at the 2019 NAB AFL Draft.
Mid first-round pick (currently pick No.11) at the 2020 NAB AFL Draft.
The first pick of the second round (currently Pick.19) at the 2021 NAB AFL Draft.

It will also get Darwin as part of its expanded Academy access zone, while it will be able to pre-list players out of that region without the AFL’s normal bidding processes.

The final part of its assistance package will be the ability to rookie up to 10 players.

More concessions than any other cellar dweller.


What sort of mystery formula does the afl come up with to justify what selections and where and when in the draft they sit?

Seriously, why in hell do we pay attention to such a rigged competition?


The expansion of the rookie list is particularly bad on that front. Clubs completely ■■■■■■, so let’s fix it with expanded access to the players who would most benefit from being in a well run football club with a good development system. Just going to end up with the suns throwing more players on the trash heap.


If they screw up the development of Rowell and Anderson from this years draft, they may as well pack it all up and go home.

Rowell is a safer first pick than Walsh was last season, and Anderson isn’t far behind.

How many good players are coming out of Darwin in the next few years?

Anderson worth 2 x first rounders in 2 years.

These concessions show how the competition has been corrupted. The AFL manufactures outcomes, and like everything else they do from goal reviews, MRO, umpiring and the saga, they stuff it up. They engage in a form of match fixing, not exact outcomes but the settings.

The corruption emerged because of the expansion. There was a genuine home and away competition where everyone played everyone else twice (like the English Premier League). They can’t do that anymore because 18 teams won’t fit in to a 22 game season; and because 6-7 teams have other advantages in terms of their home ground, the draw where Richmond had their last 7 games at the MCG, the umpiring and other concessions (like GWS, Sydney, Hawthorn, Geelong). There are two sets of teams in the AFL, the ones who get the inside running and those like us who are on the outside.

Saturday amplified the problem. Richmond was clearly the best team in the second half of the season and deserved the Premiership. But it was a Premiership underwritten by the draw. The only thing our club can do is to take a stand on the draw for 2020. When everyone looks at the draw, they should look at the draw in terms of not just 2020, but as a three-year rolling window. For example, at one point Sydney had not played us in Melbourne for six years. how can that be fair? We need to take a stand on the draw because otherwise it won’t matter what our game plan and structures are, we will never get anywhere.


They’re getting six top 20 picks in two years (before anything else they trade in)?

That’s 2012-2018 for us!

(Yes, we also traded a few in that range. The AFL screwing us in 2013 cancels out WADA “helping” us in 2017.)

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Maybe they can use those extra draft picks to trade in the experienced players they need as you are suggesting?

Seems logical, But it’s Cochrane and Gold Coast here. They got O’Meara who was supposed to be traded as a 17yr old concession for established players or picks.

They’ve tried that. But they’re such a basket case right now that they have to overpay players to stay, and that leaves no money to overpay players to move across to them via trade or FA.

They have to become a more attractive destination in order to attract the mature prime-aged players they need, and (given they’re not really in a position to lure blokes with the promise of on-field success) they need to be able to offer cash.

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Well there goes any chance of seeing Essendon improve.

Give it ten years and we’ll be the ones fighting to stay with head above water level, we’ll be receiving concessions to stay alive.

What a bag of tricks the AFL have to elevate clubs to where they like them to be.

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