New list manager required

Dudorder need to go - he’s been faaaaar here too long. Majority of Blitzers and greater EFC supporters (in the know) realise this - even if the board doesn’t.

So the burning question is -
Who is going to replace him?


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Vladimir Putin would be better


The only way to replace him is to start a new club and everyone else shift across to that new club.


Congrats on leaving blitzers disappointed with your misleading thread title.


This definitely needs a new thread.

I don’t think it has even been mentioned in any of the others.


I think if we start a few more threads discussing this, then it might happen.


I think we need to promote from within. It’s good for the club’s culture.

Perhaps we give Skeeta a go?

You will get your wish but only if you create another thread!

People don’t like Jackets around here?

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  • Must come from a “good” family.
  • Must be able to spend time at the front office, with the ability to go back office when required.
  • Being a childhood Essendon supporter is helpful.
  • Candidate can take three years to develop.

Good onya guys

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They love him!

Is this Dodoro thread 30 or 31? I may have missed a couple.

First time I’ve heard any of this.

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Why is it even called a list manager

That’s dumb. Sounds like you’re in charge of a bunch of bullet points on a piece of paper

Terry Wallace.

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Adrian must be feeling the heat.

He sends his pleb mates in to do his talking.

Mist Lanager

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I’m not actually someone that dislikes Dodoro (though some of the quotes from him recently have given me pause for thought).

But at this point of time, surely we need a fresh view of things? Someone else to have a look at the list and see what’s required?


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But it’s only been 20-odd years.
Needs to blow out to 30 years and have a member donation plan for his payout for it to be proper Essendon style.
Then we’ll invite him back to celebrate his years of mediocrity.

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