New Olympic Sports


It’s irrelevant anyway. All you see on TV these days is the swimming, athletics and gymnastics with Aussie medals and interviews repeated every ten minutes.


They could stream the farnarkling.


Nothing wrong with skateboarding and surfing being added


Hambo has no chance of making the olympics. You’ve got 14 year old kids capable of things tony hawk could only dream of.


I would have thought “weed” would have been the drug of choice back in the old days, do they test for that?


There’s 9 year olds landing 900s on traditional vert ramps. Hawk was 31 when he landed THE first.

Also, isn’t skateboarding going to be at the 2020 games?


Climbing is going to be next year. But with one medal it’s going to be a bit of a kludge, given its going to be an “all round” type, which is apparently not how climbers normally go. Lead, Boulder and Speed are completely different skills.

Anyway, the state lead titles last week we’re the first step to the Olympics for some.

But check the IFSC world cups on YouTube, it’s a fantastic spectacle. (And although speed is completely not what climbing is about, it’s amazing to watch. It’s unbelievable that it’s even possible to do that. Note that the speed wall is a 15ish degree overhang)


I vote train surfing for 2028


Rock, paper, scissors is making a comeback… anything but synchronised swimming.


They do.
It’s considered performance enhancing and stays in the system for a while.
Athletes get done for it all the time going off the WADA website.
(Note that iirc it’s only banned in competition vs across the board)


Breakdancing is the only new sporting activity being added to Paris 2024. Baseball/softball, karate, sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding will debut at Tokyo 2020.


DJ King should be an Olympic Sport.







Double Dragon!


Remember clocking that back in the 80s at the local fish n chip shop? My 7-year-old can clock it on my phone now.


Wood chopping!


Shortly after Sydney’s bid won in the early 90’s, there was a megamix sampling all the commentary of the event over a substandard house beat. It made the top 40, does anyone remember it?

It was godawful at the time but I’d love to see how badly it’s aged.


You can get it on phone???!!! There goes the rest of my day