New PC Recomendations

In 2011 I made a similar thread and someone suggested a system from which was an excellent system but it finally died about Christmas 2020. I picked it up on Grand Final Day 2011 when Geelong beat the pies.

I mostly play games but will need to be able to do some multimedia work (maybe some zoom or other similar type programs for meetings and possible classes) and definitely some word processing and powerpoint sort of stuff in my role as a teacher.

A bit of storage would be good so that I could transfer some stuff from the old machine and probably a USB DVD drive which seem to be cheapish should I purchase games or other things on DVD and not as a download as I still like to do that.

I am looking to spend no more than $2000 but perhaps need to go a bit less $1200-$1500 as the financial stability of things in the immediate future not to certain.

I don’t need a monitor, I have one that seems to be fine so that can mean I can save some money there.

Thanks in advance.

The above forum is the best place for PC advice.

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Are you sure the old PC is dead? Replacing one dead component\reformatting\cleaning it out to ensure it’s not overheating and throttling itself could be significantly cheaper than a whole new machine, if the old one was capable of running what you needed to before it died.

Are you looking to buy individual parts and DIY, or looking for a pre-built system?

Are there any components from your old system you can salvage (presuming you’re scrapping it?) Even just the case + PSU could save you a couple of hundred instead of buying new.

What kind of games? The newest AAA FPS Cyberpunk-ish games have vastly different requirements compared to older\browser games, which will affect what kind of hardware you’re after.

Is the “multimedia” work limited to Zoom\MSTeams work, or do you also mean video editing?

Office work like Word and Powerpoint (and browsing the internet, watching youtube\netflix, sending emails etc) can be done on pretty much anything built in the last decade.

What about peripherals? Keyboard? Mouse? Speakers? Headset? Webcam? Do you have\will you need? It would be easy to spend the whole budget on just these things. I’d recommend a mechanical keyboard for typing\gaming (unless you use a controller,) provided you can put up with the noise they make. IMO makes a world of difference, but they can be pricey. If you’re looking to save money, a $20 kb+mouse combo will be enough to get you by, or you can re-use your old ones.

Re the monitor; depending on what type of games you play, a new monitor with a high refresh rate could make games more playable\enjoyable, and use the old one as a second monitor. The teachers I know much prefer working with 2 monitors for WFH stuff. One for the video-conferencing software, the other with their notes\browser\emails etc.

Storage is relatively easy and cheap, (a fast NVME drive for operating system + programs + whatever your “current” game is + a separate SSD\HDD for less frequently accessed\archive stuff.) You might be abe to salvage the old drive from your dead machine and use it.

Unfortunately now is not an ideal time to buy for all sorts of reasons; covid is affecting manufacturing and shipping in Asia, which affects supply here, which affects pricing. If budget is an issue, IMO it’s probably better to get the barebones\lowish spec of what you need now, then once things stabalize you can upgrade certain components\add memory\better peripherals etc if you need to.

Centrecom does have some decent pre-built machines around the $1500 mark (if you are wanting to play AAA games, these can probably do so comfortably on medium settings at 1080. If you are playing older games, you could get away with something cheaper.) Some have better CPUs and not quite as good graphics cards, others are the other way around. Which one is best for you will depend on which games you’re actually playing. The issue is they’re box only: no monitor\kb\mouse\webcam etc. Other shops I’d recommend looking at are PCCaseGear and Scorptec.

Edit: As above: Whirlpool is an excellent resource.

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Additionally, if you are looking at doing a self build, is a great starting point for shopping for individual components.

As @Soundman said, re-use what you can to save money. Storage is cheap. Depending on your requirements a an Intel i5 11600k is probably the best bang for buck you can get at the moment at about $400. Add in a Gigabyte Z590 Aurus Elite M/B for around $300. A 500GB Samsung 970 M2 NVMe for about $110 for operating system. Add a 1TB Samsung 870 SSD for about $140 or a WD blue HDD 2TB (7200rpm) for about $80 or use your old ones if they are still working for additional storage. Any extra storage and you want it on external drives anyway. RAM 16GB Corsair Vengance LPX DDR4 3600 $160 odd dollars. Keep your old case if suitable, maybe renew the fans (cheap). Graphics cards are the stumbling block at the moment because they are ridiculously expensive right now. Probably the best value is the GTX1660 Super which you can pick up for just under $500. If you need a power supply, throw in a Corsair Gold RM650 for around $150.

All that would give you a pretty strong machine, but could be overkill for what you need. Even that is going to cost about $1700. That’s without a case or any peripherals. You could obviously go for a cheaper M/B, cheaper RAM and NVMe etc and could probably take 3-400 off that cost. Re-use HDD and save 100. Use your old power supply if it is up to it, save another one fiddy. Lots of ways to come down in cost. If you need better GPU, you are really looking at $1100+ to get what would now be considered a middle of the road processor.

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All this beats me. I am looking for a second hand 17" laptop. Dell or HP, preferably, my budget is $200. The last couple of new laptops l have bought have clapped out too quickly, so l am not interested in buying a new one.

Good advice.

No I am definitely not looking to DIY, that would most likely be a disaster.

The place I took it to earlier in the year said I would need a new video card and a new HDD for booting up windows. The other HD’s I got the impression would still be ok at least to transfer my stuff from.

I could maybe get a headset, does not need to be wireless my son wants to start a youtube channel (I guess because that is what the kids these days want to be when they grow up). That or Twitch I guess could be something to consider.

It’s a PC world gone mad.



Give Scorptec a go. They make ready to go PC’s as well as gaming machines. I picked up a PC through them in February and added an extra SSD.
Service is top notch.

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Ready to go PCs are the go right now anyway.

Massive supply chain issues in chips mean that prices for components are sky high.

Def a better deal buying off the shelf.

Get one of those just add keyboard, mouse and monitor deals.

For under 2k you can pick up a series 11 i5 or i7 and a quality video card. All the money is in the video card.

Buying the components separately will cost you more.

Go to an online store like mwave centrecom, scorptec, umart etc and have a browse.

edit: check this chart out by clicking the link below. (who doesn’t love a chart). pick some of the video cards towards the bottom right if you can and select a computer built around them.
All the other bits will be marginal to upgrade in the future in comparison.

PassMark Videocard Value Chart - Performance / Price of Videocards

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I came to post this gag.


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Sounds like bs that need both a new hard drive and video card to boot windows. Highly unlikely you have two separate faults.


That is interesting.
Even though the system is almost 10 years old and worked nearly everyday of its life?

It’s possible, but unlikely. It’s likely one fault, with multiple symptoms. What’s the actual error that you’re getting? In what way has the PC died?

From my history of broken pc parts, generally if it dies, it dies early. If it doesn’t it lasts forever.

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I will have to check a photo I have taken.

Windows won’t load, I cannot get a boot disk to work and all the checks say there are no errors or cannot repair them (I cannot remember the exact words but I have some screenshots I think).

As vanders said it’s a hard market for a new pc right now. Prices are all over the shop.

If every part of your computer is indeed 10 years old can I suggest a refurb?

It’ll be way faster than anything you’ve got right now and ticks off all your requirements.

Later i’d suggest then buying yourself a graphics card if you want to play AAA modern games.

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dell list good deals on their ebay/ozbargain as well

Create a boot drive USB for Windows, get a new SSD and reinstall onto that. After a decade your HDD has probably failed.

Also, don’t buy a new PC right now. The market is absolutely cooked.

Edit: Should clarify, you can build a very decent rig for 1.5 at the moment. But a GPU will cost you that much by itself


Not sure if that case will fit a standard GPU down the line, and Dell tends to use propriatary sockets\plugs\hsf mounts etc, so buying a new case to fit the GPU and transplanting might be a hassle.

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