Next Generation Academies

I suppose if any of our academy kids get worth watching they’ll come up in the TAC Cup thread, or possibly the F/S thread. No mention of the crazy TAC Cup restrictions that were getting talked about last year, so who knows what the draft eligibility rules will be in the end.

Daniel Hanna? Am I wrong in thinking he’s Mil Hanna’s nephew?

I’m feeling like other clubs are embracing this a little more than we are

@Catherine_Lio @Paul_Cousins send me up to the Tiwi for a week and I will come back with 10 names for your list.


Send me with him, I’d love a holiday up there.


I hope given Hawthorn’s late first pick that if they do have a high ranked talent in this program, someone bids on them meaning Hawthorn lose out. In fact I would be in favour of Dodoro doing it just because, such is my hatred of that club.


The club has recently appointed a newly created executive position for Academies & Community. They have, in turn, hired their academies and womens football lead. We’re embracing the academies in a BIG way.

No free holidays sorry guys.


What exactly makes a person multicultural?

They have lots of cultures.


Being a bitzer.

Bitza what?

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Dats it.


The serious answer, if you were after one is:

  • the player or one of the player’s parents was born in Asia or Africa, or
  • both the player’s parents were born in a non-English speaking country

Edit: and no, I’m pretty sure they haven’t defined what they mean by Asia or Africa. Or what constitutes a non-English speaking country.

So that’s a next Long, Buddy, Rioli and a tippa at the next rookie draft then?

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I dont get this… So is he going to be in the Hawthorn academy because he is Good or because he is from Africa??

This is affirmative action gone mad in a country that didnt need it because we never ran slaves! Fair enough for aboriginal kids because we took there land,…all for it… give them any advantage they want.
but why are we advancing non-indigenous multicultural children simply for not being anglo saxon …
Either your good or your not… or your dad played for a bit.

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He’s going to the academy because he’s from Africa and they think he might be good enough to make it, because that’s literally the point of the next generation academies. Football participation rates among migrant communities are low, so the AFL is encouraging clubs to try and get more kids from those communities in football rather than, for example, soccer. It’s exactly the same thing that they’re doing in NSW and Queensland, but targeted at low participation segments of traditional football states.

And, for the record, the multicultural part covers all the little white kids in Europe too. Including the anglo-saxons of Brittany, and the actual saxons of Germany.

So it is contrived? not natural. Let them play the sport they play. Dont force the situation…
No kid in the NGA is going to be able to come into it with out allready being good…

Ultimately the best and only leveller is if you are good enough. No other person should be set aside because one is african or chinese. Going by what is said, a slightly less talented asian/african/indian is going to be advanced over others because the system is designed that way… it could be locking out the next Sam Mitchell… or whoever. Point is… let the talent do the work… no need to advance anyone over anyone else based on geography.

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You all sound like Jar Jar Binks and it makes me sick.

Obviously everyone’s entitled to their own opinion about whether or not the AFL should be trying to get more kids to play the sport. I think they should because the more kids who play, the bigger the talent pool, the better the football. Happy to disagree on that, though.

That said, no part of the NGA program means other people are “set aside”. There are 40 spots on the main list, and teams will continue to try and put the 40 best players that they can in those spots. There’s no incentive at all for a club to draft a NGA player in preference to any other player, there’s just an incentive to try and get them to play football in the first place.

I also disagree on the idea that no kid will come in if they’re not already good. The academies start with 11 year old kids, and I’m pretty sure even the most ruthless clubs aren’t going to kick an 11 year old out of a community clinic because they have an iffy handball technique.


So they eat really expensive yogurt?

This bloke sounds like he’s from Tiwi, if he’s any relation to Timothy Mosquito. If so, shouldn’t he be on our list?