Next Generation Academies


Mosquito has been in Vic for some years now afaik.


Tarryn THomas going to North is Crap, he has been touted as a potential top pick for the last 3 years, North have done Squat.


Blitz would get around this I think.

Benfti - Multicultural talent scout (Tiwi).
Should send you up with Sheedy and a load of Indigenous guernseys to give away.

Anyone with the names of Rioli, Long or Tipingwuti


i know paul sidhu and if carlton don’t pick him up we should be making a play for him, i played with him several times and he would be the perfect pick up for us, he plays as a roaming defender who can play pretty much anywhere


sold, where do i get my jacket?


U ned tu na know ow tu speaka da inglishi!


Ahhh shaddupyaface!


Oh, it won’t be free, the club would have to pay something :wink:


Anyone know how Essendon is doing on this? I thought the players start to become available this year, or are we still under the interim rules?

Even if its next year, has the club given any update on who it is looking at under this system?


Wouldn’t be like North to get a free handout


I believe we have Daniel Hanna from the Cannons in our Academy. He’s a kpp/ruckman, eligible this year. I haven’t seen him play. Stats seem respectable for a tall. Not a big goalkicker. 4 times in the best from 13 games this year, no draft camp invitation. Nephew of Mil Hanna from FCFC.


This is still rigged in that it only involves players not good enough to be drafted, right?

Unlike the “real” academy rorting.


That’s the transition rules. They ended either last year or this year (I’m not sure if we’re still working under the interim or full rules, but I’m pretty sure next year is the full rules). When fully implemented, it will be like the northern academies, if they’re picked anywhere in the draft we can match with our picks, and allowing for a discount.


Has that been confirmed yet? I assume that will be the case, but I haven’t been able to find anything definitive about a) what the rules are this year and b) what the final rules will be. There are articles that refer to it in passing as being like northern academies, but there’s a lot of detail being glossed over. I mean, F/S is like the northern academies, but the rules aren’t quite the same.


To the cynical eye, it seemed the AFL rolled this out as a knee-jerk thought bubble to shut up Eddie McGuire, with embarrassingly amateur mapping and detail. I haven’t seen any confirmation these will be “real” academies, either.


Yes, the final version will work like “real” academies. The flip side, is some clubs are already complaining as they have stuff all chance of getting players with their zones. Which is why zones were got rid of in the first place.

And this was absolutely a sop to stop people going on about the northern academies.


So that means we’ll be able to add them as category B rookies if they’re not taken in the ND? That’s good.


Probably this year. So that guy Humble mentioned we could do that.

Of course, there were several years where we could do that with NSW Scholarship players and chose not to.


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