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From my digging, Tim is also from far North WA, like Irving. (There’s an article called “toast of turkey creek”). Hence I’d hazard a guess they’re related. And he wouldn’t be part of our NGA.

He originally played for Waratahs.

Irving got zoned from being in Gippsland through his school years. Not from being from wa (which would’ve put him in a freo zone I think)


Fair enough.
I seem to remember Tim being a couple of shades darker than Irving, hence the thought he was from Tiwi. Maybe the Gippsland winters have lightened him up a bit.

As previously mentioned, even though I haven’t seen Tim play in over 6 seasons, he was the quickest, most elusive player I ever saw playing in the NTFL, in 12 seasons of watching random games.


So now that the drafts are over I hope we pick up Daniel Hanna. There’s enough to work with there.


Wouldn’t he have had to list him as a NGA to be able to do that?


We didn’t with McNeice


But he was taken under a different rule though?

I’d have assumed Hanna could have been added like Khamis at WBD, but they had to nominate him to be able to do that?

I have no idea though.


If you have no idea, do you think the AFL has any idea about their own rules?




I’m pretty convinced all these new draft/rookie rules are designed for maximum opacity, so HQ can swing through whatever shifty they want without anyone ever being able to conclusively say it’s wrong.


I’d say your correct, except theyre inept at most things so to think they have the cunning, strategy smart and ability to pull it off seems a bit far stretched.

Blindly doing stuff around a table without thinking about it creating a mess in the process seems far more plausible.


I second this theory


FARK Carlton

Egan hype train now boarding… I’m on!




Never mind the mark they showed, how’s the lazy forty metre kick from the under 12s full back?!

Eddie can’t kick that far now!


Yeah, nah… it is a great grab. Superb timing and the launch is perfect.


It is a good mark, I particularly like the way he does damage to every bugger underneath him, but really…you can see that in any school playground.
It’s nice, but there’s no shortage of eleven year-olds taking speccies.


Jordan Bourke

Click on name for link…


Grandson of Francis?



Hope he chooses us and ends up a 300+ game gun. LOL!