Next Generation Academies


Who says?


It’s a long way to them, though.



Does anybody know much about Lachlan Johnson and if he is keen to actually come to us?
He was linked to us again yesterday.


Sick of seeing this come up, it was discussed earlier in the year and nothing has changed

He is a rookie prospect at best and the only reason it’s being brought up is because he is in our academy.


Agree, is barley a rookie pick if at all.


Not sure that’s really wheat you meant to say there, … :wink:


Written with a rye smile, no matter how corny.


Going against the grain of media commentary on the kid.


4th rounder for mine. Can play. Improved from last year. Will become elite.


And now we play the waiting game…


Not so much about NGA, but looking at the success West Coast are getting from their freakishly talented indigenous forwards Rioli, Ryan and now Cameron, these players are out there and can be recruited on the cheap. We’ve been pretty dormant when recruiting indigenous talent outside Walla and Mozzie last year. We used to be active when recruiting indigenous players in years gone by with the likes of Long, Kickett x 2, Cockatoo Collins, NLM, Lovett, Dempsey, Ryder added to others we gave opportunity to like Dickk Russell Williams etc I wonder why?


cough @benfti cough


Tigers got Stack and Pickett for nothing essentially also


Here are 3 names for you that could be in our range

Elijah Taylor

Kysiah Pickett

Adam ‘Jabba’ Tipungwuti


Exactly! And we used to mock Richmond around dream time for only having the token figure of Shane Edwards to do the promo when we had Davey, Ryder, Dempsey, NLM & Lovett. No we play the tokenism Walla. These players are out there and I’m wondering why we’re not more active. I was a fan of Stack at the draft and felt we should’ve rolled the dice with the Dea pick but good on Richmond for backing themselves to fix whatever the perceived issues were with Stack.


“Tokenism Walla” ???


Maybe it’s the wrong word but I mean for all those promos prior to Dreamtime, he’s our only representative right now (since Mozzie isn’t a senior player yet). Don’t get me wrong, I love Walla and he’s been a terrific recruit for us but we used to have a strong contingent of indigenous players and now we don’t while other clubs invest heavily in indigenous players. Richmond are one of many clubs leaving us behind in this regard IMO.


We obviously tried with Eades and it backfired.

We do however have our academy now lining up players as well as father son crop coming.


Also tried to develop shaun Edwards and a couple of longs during this period.