Next Generation Academies


Mark Murphy did that yeah?

Could have gone to Brisbane but elected not to be taken as F/S and just picked in draft


He essentially wanted to stay in Victoria.

I understand Johnsons kid might too as well, as his family are here.

Really no different to Blakeys kid staying in sydney through the academy.

If Johnsons kid was any good, im sure Sydney would have lured his dad up to coach…lol


For the mid season draft The father son ones are interesting tooAs dunkley nominated last year…does SYdney get an option to pick him up or is it a free for all on any father sons nominated alst year but not picked up.


You’re right. We should do something about this!


Wow I had no idea it we had rights to Maurice Rioli jnr too! We should be doing everything in our power to get him and Johnson to the bombers.

Imagine how angry Brisbane, Richmond and Freo would be!




We’re no chance prying Maurice jnr away from the tigers. Tigers are building a great culture that seems to bring out the best in many of their young Indigenous players. Having Daniel there is just a sweetener.

Coincidently, we will likely pick up Daniel’s little brother who is the same age as little Maurice.


Get little Daniel Rioli too.

Little Johnson
Little Daniel Rioli
Maurice Rioli jnr


We have rights to brayden Rioli too (brother of Daniel).


Davey twins not far off either


Little Nat Rat
Davey #1
Davey #2
Davey #3
And they are just the F/Ss


Now THIS is genuine lid off thread.


I wonder if they are having a good year this year?


Ok so in a couple years we’ll have:

Brayden Rioli
Brad Johnson Jr
Maurice Rioli Jr
Nat Rat Jr
Davey 1
Davey 2
Davey 3

Dare I say it, Essendon is magic like stars!


Get another Purantatameri already.


If we get Brad Johnson junior, hopefully it’s only for marking practice for Gary Morecroft junior


There’s a Tipiloura or two as well.


Have followed him closely for a couple of years. Potential jet,but just lazy.


How’s Tex Wanganeen going


Who cares? He’s not coming to us.