Next Generation Academies

  1. Should have been cut.
  2. Injured but should have been cut.
  3. End of career.
  4. End of career.
  5. Injured and no.
  6. Rookie
  7. Rookie
  8. Maybe.
  9. Hell no.
  10. Already gone.
  11. Injured and no.


Long - it’s time. Main list.
Dea - already knows it’s coming. Rookie spot.
Baguley - already knows it’s coming. Main list.
Myers - already knows it’s coming. Main list.
Mutch - contracted for 2020
Z Clarke - we’d better ■■■■■■ find a better backup! Main list.
McNeice - yep. B list
Houlihan - leading vfl goal scorer. Probably justifies another year.
Hartley - multiple BOG in vfl. Hooker getting older and more injury prone. Keep.
Lavender - B list.
Stewart - dependent on injury prognosis. Keep.

I make that 4 main list players, 2 rookies and a completely empty B-list.

Promote Draper and we take 2 x 2nd round picks and one third round pick. Then hit the rookie draft hard.


How did you copy my post before I had a chance to publish it?


I should have been harsher on two of those.
You do not delist mid-twenties capable KPP’s, and we, especially, do not delist mid-twenties capable KPP’s.


If both are guns can we get them both as father sons.

Surely will be 1st twins eligible for father son

I bet AFL flogs have never thought of this scenario


Can’t see why not.

Just need enough points via picks


You want to keep Hartley?
I would have thought he’s a very easy delist decision at the end of this year


If Francis was reliable and a KPP then I could see that.
I think if you delist Hartley then you kind of need to replace him with a near identical player.

Brown’s fitness and form is a worry.
Stewart’s fitness and (previous) form is a worry.

You might be right, but I’m not following the thinking.


That really brings your ability to assess such things into question for mine. I cannot u/stand why he’d be in anyones sights.


He’s literally got one spot he could play in seniors, that spot opened up, and they went with “not a KP” Francis instead.
he hasn’t played a match on his most recent, 1 year extension.

I’d consider giving him a 1 year deal, but that’d be absolutely it.


Should be a 2 for 1 deal.