Next Generation Academies

Also because they overhauled the funding and training model so that most of it’s being done by the AFL now.

The problem is that if clubs were investing in the academies as intended, their NGA players would be from elite pathways. The minimum age for an academy player is 10. If Essendon, for example, were genuinely putting in the effort to go find 10 year olds in our metro Melbourne area from culturally diverse backgrounds who weren’t playing footy, by the time they reached draft age the good ones would be the most standard pathway players they could possibly be. NGA, school footy and Calder Cannons, maybe AIS, Vic Metro, drafted to Essendon.


I still believe there should be no minimum cap spend, with the non spent part of the cap accumulated into the following year and scrap list sizes.
This would allow lower teams to bank cash and really go after players and not having a cap of list size the younger inexperienced teams could go for more players greatly increasing the chances of finding players.
I reckon this would increase the chances of the more “riskier” players and indigenous players getting more of a chance

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It would also allow poor clubs to stay financially stable by spending 80% of the cap and never ever being any good. At which point, just get rid of the cap.

Apparently Northern State Clubs don’t have the same problem. If we had the same rules for everyone we would see significant investment in NGAs outside NSW and Qld.

Sad isn’t it.

The swans boast that they put roughly a million dollars a year into an academy that covers a population of about 4 million people. Our academy area covers a small fraction of Melbourne and a handful of people on Tiwi. Once you exclude the people in our area who aren’t NGA eligible, you’re looking at an academy for Essendon that’s maybe 4-5% the size of the swans’.

So if we invested at the rate the swans do, we’d be putting about $50k a year into our academy. Which, given we had several staff involved in it, we probably were.


Also helps that swans have acess to the best talent from NSW region

And that no other clubs can bid for them and get their academy players in the first 40 bids


Not if he plays for us. Good if he is picked up by Footscray or Geelong.

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Can’t open it, but…


AFL draft news: Anthony Munkara nominates for Essendon as next generation academy prospect | Herald Sun

Essendon has nominated forward Anthony Munkara through the Next Generation Academy process, allowing it to match rival bids on the Tiwi Islands product in this month’s national draft.

The West Adelaide 18-year-old has been viewed as something of a mystery prospect given he has not played football since July after returning home due to a series of family tragedies in a short period.

Clubs had until last Wednesday to decide on their NGA nominees and the Bombers opted to ensure they had priority access for the 188cm talent.

Anthony Munkara.

Anthony Munkara.

Under the system’s rules this year, Essendon can not match a bid on him until after pick 40, giving other teams the chance to draft him beforehand.

The Bombers will automatically be able to rookie-list Munkara if no one drafts him.

Munkara, who tested at last month’s national combine, impressed playing for an AFL academy team against Collingwood’s VFL side in May.

But recruiters did not see much of him this year.

He lined up in just two official under-18 games for West Adelaide in 2022, kicking 4.1 in the first and 2.0 in the second, and sparingly at college level for Westminster.

In his sole national under-18 championships match for the Allies, he injured his ankle.

Recruiters rate Munkara’s but are uncertain about his draft prospects because of his limited appearances.

Adelaide has not nominated Isaac Keeler.

Adelaide has not nominated Isaac Keeler.

Father-son duo Alwyn and Jayden Davey are also tied to the Bombers this year.

Essendon has picks 4, 22, 54, 62, 68 and 72.

Meanwhile, the Crows have chosen not to nominate North Adelaide and SA under-18 forward/ruckman Isaac Keeler under NGA rules.

There is a reasonable chance Keeler, who has been likened to Paddy Ryder, will not be available anyway after pick 40 anyway, given he is viewed as a potential second-round selection.

Adelaide, which is tipped to make two picks, holds No. 46, 56 and 59.

It had already nominated Norwood father-son defender Max Michalanney.

The national draft will be held on November 28 and 29.


So yeah, we want him, but if you guys want him more than us you can have him :cry:

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Keeler with 22 pls haha

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See, this to me says he will last past pick 40. I feel clubs will look at an injury-plagued player with little exposure to footy in the last 12 months and not take them in the first two rounds. I think we get our man.


■■■■ the afl for changing the rules the year we want someone decent from our NGA


Meh. Other teams have been screwed over worse than us. Melbourne last year, Saints and arguably Adelaide this year. At least there’s a glimmer of hope that Munkara slides into the 40’s for us.

But I do still support your “■■■■ the AFL” stance.


Fantastic news to wake up to this morning.
Does some absolutely freakish things when I’ve seen him live and I’d be absolutely stoked if we land him


I note these direct quotes from one of his coaches, noting importance of a Club proving the right support and environment. Can Essendon deliver this? Could this be a situation like the Irving Mosquito recruitment… Opportunity here is to ensure we give this kid every opportunity to thrive and enjoy his experience at Essendon. Certainly appears to be an example of a player going to need all ducks in a row to succeed. Good test for Essendon, Mc Pherson and others charged with fixing this area of the Club…


So his coach thought he might not get drafted. Cat B please!