Next Generation Academies

Yeah i missed it live on the day but have been trying to track down a copy ever since. I don’t mind naim, he is a good mark and hits the scoreboard but similar to taha, im not sure he has the AFL attributes that usually get guys drafted. I’ve seen them both at least 3 or 4 times.

Kako and Nguyen are my two favourites. Both are very good below their knees and have good hands. Kako is your typical small forward nuisance, crafty and good goal sense but needs to tackle more. Nguyen plays wing, is quick, good penetration on his kick, works hard, good hands, but he is relatively light. His kicking isn’t as good as kako’s either. Both are good players but are small, which might work against them, I’ve seen these two play at least 5x each.


Up for review…


It’s a ridiculous rule.

Would be very good for us if it’s lowered especially for next year


Kako time?

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depends how low they go.
i’d be happy if it’s back to top 20 out of reach.

really though it’s only the top 10 picks that are golden.

and look at clubs that have benefitted from father son/ academy players recently.

3 Mills swans
3 Heeny swans
5 Braeden Campbell

1 Ashcroft Lions

1 Jamararra Ugle-Hagan Dogs
2 Sam Darcy Dogs

Pies Daicos 4 should have went 1-2

it’s the top end talent that you remember, plus added on is that clubs receiving the top bonus picks are competing in finals.

not pick 11+ really who could be good or could be a bust.

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He and Nguyen look like very good prospects. I should be able to see some of Calders 16s next month so can get another sense for what’s coming after aswell.


How does the academy work gor coaches kids? Leigh Tudor’s son is a gun…u 14

only works if they move to Sydney.
Swans will probably max out the soft cap to get Tudor up there now.


Even though Tudor only played 60 games for Geelong, I think we’ve seen enough to know what that means…


how was Egan in our academy then?

indigenous / multicultural

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I definitely remember Gulden, Coleman, Johnston and McInness.


I remember Gulden and McInnes falling outside the top 20 (ranked higher pre draft).

Coleman - well we should have had him, but its the AFL.

Lewis Johnston didnt even get drafted - went straight to Cat B list like Munkara, so we can hardly be complaining.


Ryan Eyre impressing early for Calder, a bit shorter than his brother at 191cm but he is a smooth mover and very good user from half back.


Ryan Eyre 25 disposals 8 marks
Mahmoud Taha 20 disposals 9 tackles
Jayden Nguyen 22 disposals
Amin Naim 13 disposals 1 goal
Isaac Kako 8 disposals 2 goals


Change the goddam rules!!


Saw him during pre-season training down at the Hangar and he was very impressive with his skills, very silky. Def one to watch this year

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This is one of the things being mooted. HQ is canvassing thoughts from clubs, or so said a news report last week.

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The elder Eyre would have struggled to have 25 disposals in all his VFLgames put together