Next Generation Academies

What type of player is he??

I know absolutely nothing about him.

182cm forward/mid. Might transition to more midfield time next year.


He trained at the club today with Ryan Eyre

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Who is our next father son to look forward to?

Another Davey in 2 years?


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Noah Caracella?

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Luke Barnard and Will Hamilton next year, apparently. I haven’t heard much about them, so probably best to not get too excited.

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Taha is the most likely next year based on rep squad involvement, he’s an NGA kid so needs to last to pick 40. Also a medium forward type Naim and the younger Eyre too.

There’s a few others the year after in 2024 with Kako looking real nice as a forward-version of Touk Miller imo; small, well-built, hardworking with some tricks in the forward half - he’s a meatball type in the making. Jayden Nguyen an outside type worth keeping an eye on.

As for father-sons, there’s a Barnard and a Hamilton next year, an Alessio and a Caracella the year after. Alijah Davey the year after in 2025 is being talked up as better than his brothers. The following year there will be the final Daniher.

The Bewick band-wagoners will need to wait until 2027 before it’s his turn, although he’ll potentially be making some waves in the NAB league in 2024/5 as a 15/16yo. Bewick’s year will also feature the last Hird, the last Caracella and the last Alessio

  1. Bewick might become a reality with Franga heading to Sydney!

Taha, Naim and Nguyen all NGA for us. Check out Riak Andrew aswell as a possible high pick for next year. Younger brother of Mac


Keen to see the replay of this, but as usual will be impossible to find on the AFL website post streaming.

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I was searching for one particular young player Hussein al acker as i saw him in a game and was very impressed and realised he was a part of our academy. Anyhow I inadvertently stumbled across the results from the 2021 and 2022 EDFL best and fairest awards.

I’m not sure where the EDFL sits in respect of best leagues in Victoria these days, it use to be one of the best when i played juniors in the 90s.

Anyhow, it seems we have a decent amount of talent coming through our academy. I have marked the players i know are efc academy or father sons.

Interesting that not many middle eastern background kids get drafted into the AFL, as they seem to dominate at local level. It might be thought that they mature a lot earlier than the anglo kids, so have a strength advantage at junior level and not as much upside.

2021 results:

2022 results:


Plenty of those kids may not be currently in our nga, but would be eligible.

Also Bewick not even winning his BnF, is it time too panic lol

…and he hasn’t even nominated us yet!

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Beat Levi West, that’s all we can ask for …

Apologies for being late to this one…
Naim looked impressive in this one, a bunch of contested marks and kicking 5 goals


That all sounds impressive… and for a first post as well

Did you see this game live? Isn’t online from what i can see.

I did watch it live, it was on the afl website/app. Can’t seem to find a replay of it though

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