NHL thread

Tkachuck has been awesome.

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Goal Stands!

Imagine the noise in that stadium right now

Wow, Canes have now lost 12 straight ECF games since their Cup.
Amazing stuff from the Cats

Florida outshot 39-25 but Bob does it again.

Just an unbelievable run.

Confidence and a hot goalie can take you far in the playoffs.

Had a work pub lunch/meeting while this game was on. My boss was going on about something, and the screen was just over her shoulder.

I couldn’t hold it in when Chucky scored. (His what, third game winner for the series??)

Gotta feel a bit for Huberdeau right about now. Ten years at Florida for little team success, and he has to watch the guy he got traded for lead them into a cup final. Meanwhile, he’s the whipping boy at a shitshow.

Vegas with the quick start 1-0 less than 5mins in.

Wild Bill gets them going again

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Stars score on the PP. 1-1.

Finishes 2-2. Off to OT.

Ah poop

Get to win it on home ice now

This game 5 has been hectic. Both teams generating great chances - both goalies up to the task.

Up in the series 3-0 last thing we wanted to do was let Dallas back in the series…

■■■■ it.

Reckon you beat them in G6 back in Dallas

Need to find some intensity. Been outworked for most of these last 2 games.

3-0 end of 1.

More, please