NHL thread

That 1st period was a an absolute pasting.


Of course it was. Unlike the last two games I’m at work and can’t watch so it figures we’d play well…

Ice was tilted that period, Dallas looked to be skating uphill at times and looked to have really tired legs

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First time cup winner then

Not saying anything more lest I jinx things.

In still scarred from the Game 7 meltdown against the Sharks a couple of years back.

6-0 with 5 mins to go…I think we’re good :laughing:

It’s great watching Dallas get rinsed. Doesn’t matter what sport it is.

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When does the second set start :rofl:

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Great game of Hockey here.

It’s nice not being invested in either team and just enjoying it.


Good game but Vegas just a little cleaner with the puck and stronger around the boards. They deserved to win that

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■■■■ yeah!

Cop that Chucky ya tiprat

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Great Hockey…
Will be quite the contest.
Can it go 7 ?

Think so.
Cats don’t know how to quit.

Vegas well on top again today. Cats need to change things up quickly

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They need to get home without too much damage to Bobs mental state.

Bob pulled in the 2nd.

Looking good…so far

Cmon Panthers. Keep this thing alive.

Yes! Series alive.

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They needed that one

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yup or it’s all over.