Nicknames for your Wife


My Mates and I have some pretty good nicknames for our Wives. These were either given by the Hubby or in worse cases given by the mates after displaying behaviour that warranted a name.

My Wife gets “The Sheriff” She’s always snopping and prodding for info to bring undone our fun.

Some of my mates Wives are -
Lieutenant Pam
Le-Anchor (Leanne)


I call mine ‘Banana-head’.
No idea why.


can see this going exceptionally well


Have been known to say, ‘I’ll have to check with The Secretary’ about my availability for events.


If I’m talking about her, I usually refer to her as ‘The Bride’.

But if I’m talking to her, it’s usually babe, bongo, or bongo head. I don’t know why.



She used to watch A Country Practice occasionally and I was going to name her after the pet wombat on the show, but the wombat was called Fatso. I thought that would be a bit cruel so I named her after the pet pig - Doris.


The Minister for Recreation & Finance.

As in (when asked by a mate if I want to go for a drink on Friday): “Sounds good - I’ll run it past the Minister for Recreation & Finance”…


The handbrake


Thanks very much! Now I have coffee all over my keyboard!


Here we go…


beautiful, intelligent, caring and adorable woman.

hi mrs pre hi




What a dangerous topic!

What about ex-wives?


That’s no way to talk about yourteam


Yes Dear


Paul called me Peggy.


We would need to upgrade Blitz to cover all your ex-wives


Boat anchor


Minister of Finance


My best friend has been married now for 42 years to a truly fabulous lady. We all met at University about 47 years ago, and his pet name for her has always been the “Moll”.

Still don’t understand how he is still alive.