No Changes for the Eagles


Out: Luey
In: Tbell


Does McKenna stay in? Or do we bring Stanton back for that role?


I wouldn't take luey out for beachcomber.

Leuy worked well around the ground and did some really stupid taps, but thats what bellchambers would give us.

McLeftfoot in for McKenna.

myers out for hocking.


McKenna stays in




No changes for mine.


I thought Luey was pretty good, mistakes not without notice. Wouldn't drop him.


He just doesn't offer anything other than his tap work which isn't the best to start with. He was a bit better this week when the ball hit the ground today but I'd like to get the younger Beachcomber in ahead of Luey


Think people forget how average TBC is. Leuey has him easily covered and needs to stay in.


Bring in anyone prepared to smash the ■■■■ out of Mitchell


Defence worries me a fair bit especially Hartley.
Kennedy or Darling would be kicking their lips, really think Cale has to spend more time in defence next week


Don't care if we lose as long as somebody takes Sam Mitchell out.


Out: Jihad


Loony did a fine cancelling job in the ruck tonight. Problem is he rarely actually taps to us either.


Agreed. He actually isn't a very good tap ruckman. But he competes very well in the ruck to force neutral taps. He has a great tank and get to each contest but really offers us very little offensively.


Looney's gotta go. Gives us nothing around the ground and very rarely gives us anything in the tapouts either. Belly might not be any better but we have to give him a 3-4 week run at it, IMO.

Out: Looney, McKenna
In: Bellchambers, McNiece



Can't even wait 24 hrs??


In: Bird
Out: McKenna

Clearances is probably our only issue, and Bird had 37 possessions.


Bird has been having a few big games.

In for McKenna for me. and if someone needs a rest still want to see McNeice kick a football.


Out : McKenna, Myers, Leuey
In : McNeice, Bird, Draper