No Changes for the Eagles


Wouldn't mind another look at Mcneice


Bellchambers is by far the weaker option in our ruck.

Luey offers us greater mobility, speed and running ability.

We look awfully slow with Bellcho in the team.

I for one would love to see NO CHANGES this week.

Get some continuity into the team.


That had to be McKenna last senior game. Even barnz has him out of the team, and im sure barnz is related somehow.

McKenna for bird, only change needed.


So McNiece was "rested" but then goes back to VFL level. Surely that's called being dropped?


OUT: McKenna
IN: McNeice

And possibly Bird for Myers, although Myers was racking up 35 possessions in 2's also before he came into senior team.


Forgot about Ambrose, any chance?


Not for a couple yet.


This. I didn't see much of the game, but Stewart kicked three and looked like he was able to get good separation on his opponent. I'll back him in to be the stay at home key forward next week and free Hooker to defence.


I know what you mean about Hooker in defence but I think Stewart did well because he was the third tall in defence. If you take Hooker out it will make it harder for Stewart to be effective. It is a bit of a curly one for the selectors.
Hooker looked very comfortable when he went back towards the end of each qtr.



Yep. And they'll probably start both Hooker and Stewart forward then shift Hooker if a WCE player gets on top, which maybe is a good way to go about it because we could probably match them with forward power in an Etihad shootout.


Why the hell would we make any changes for freaks.


Really liked Stewart foward with Hooker going back as we tired in each quarter.

Bird deserves to come in, has been good in the 2's for a long time, but I think that unless someone is injured, we need to keep the same team. Players like Myers deserve a few weeks to get up to pace, if they don't perform, then Bird is next (Though given he hasn't made an appearance this season even through our 3 games in 13 day stint it would appear his cards are marked).


Out: McKenna, Myers

In: McNeice, Bird

If Bird doesn't get in off 37 possessions yesterday, he never will.


Out: Colyer (rested), Baguley (rested)
In: Mutch, McNeice


Out: Gloomers

In: A pleasant week on Blitz




The backline played well together this week. Give them a run at it.

Cohesion more important than individuals.

Saw our stats on rebound 50s and they were nearly double the cats


Agree on Trav, just looks to have hit the wall. Give him a week off and freshen him up


I'm hardly a McKenna fan but I'm not sure why we'd drop him. I think he's been pretty solid the last two weeks and improving steadily


Please be the case. Unpopular opinion but if he was in for that Freo game we probably would have won.

Vital defender I reckon.