Non Essendon Finals Thread


I love that you have simultaneously misspelled anecdotal, said you don’t have any of it, then provided it.

You’re right, feels like we always lose to theme by 1-3 points, generally late in the game.

This time. This farking time.


Yep if we can add that pressure with already our awesome attacking play we will win the flag easily.


Your right! Too many beers!


I’m feeling we will play at our absolute best but some how those ■■■■ find a way to win by a couple of points,

■■■■■■■ hate Sydney.


There is no such thing


It’s on the afl site




That is as good as any goal kicked this year.


Tigers winning the flag would be a great story and I think Dustin is a star to watch oh and Rance is a good defender.


Yep. We’re not nearly as good as Sydney but if we tackle the absolute crap out of them we give ourselves a chance.


Exactly right. The tigers are all about speed and pressure. They are easily the quickest team in the league to spread. That’s why they can shut down teams so well on bigger grounds.

We are similar to Richmond in that our game when it’s on is about speed and pressure. The one difference is that Richmond like to control the football and as a result move it more slowly when they attack. We, on the other hand, like to attack and defend with speed so we score more but also concede more because we take more risks on the attack.

The speed is the thing that worries teams like Sydney and Geelong.


Very risky. almost did a blind turn right into #22s shoulder and laid himself out.


Heres a farkin anecdote that exemplifies your feeling. 1996.


As good a game that I’ve seen Richmond play. They were outstanding. But Cotchin. Played an inspirational captains role and that blindturn goal was cherry on top.


“if we’re behind then never mind…”


I feel like last quarter is being remembered as the whole game. All credit to richmond for their discipline and pressure for the whole game, but there was bugger all to like about the first three quarters outside of that. If that’s what richmond need to do to win and they can do it then they deserve praise for doing it, but it was hardly a game for the ages.


I don’t mind watching hard, contested games like that.
I don’t want to be in them, but I don’t mind watching them.


I like it as the seasoning on two good teams going at each other, but I’m not enough of a football purist to enjoy it as the main course.


Adelaide game was 12 goals to 6.
Richmond was 13 to 5.

Speaking personally, I thought the Richmond match was twice the game.
At least.


Not sure I said anything about the adelaide game being better, it was total dross. Given the choice between close for a quarter or close for three quarters, I’d pick the latter, but generally I wouldn’t pick a 12 goal to 6 or 13 goal to 5 game at all.

Edit: unless it was our game and we kicked the 12/13 of course.