Non Essendon games in the 20 days of footy mega thread

Mega thread for the 20 straight days of footy starting tomorrow night

I don’t even quite understand how this is supposed to work.

Is it that this round has all 9 games but the next few have some teams on byes? Or something?

You aiming for Nuggs 20 days in a row?

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Eight teams have byes over the next four rounds. Repeat that in the following final four weeks and everything is even (the 17th and 18th team having already had their “bye”).

I just don’t have the attention span or interest in following this


They’ll be some cooked teams in 20 days.

Should got a good finals picture by the time it’s done

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It’ll be interesting to see how may injuries pile up and wether clubs will start strategically manage players by omitting them from certain games.

If there aren’t a lot of injuries the AFL’s going to cream themselves thinking about adding more prime time night games in the future.


Last Wednesday night that wasn’t one of Freo’s Anzac specials would be the 1996 reenactment match when Boris went nuts wouldnt it?

Daniel Rioli dropped again.

What’s going on with him this year?

As a wider issue at the tigers and at the risk of writing them off i think other clubs have worked out how to play them. Hence quiet years from the likes of Rioli, Graham and Castanga.


It also seems that some of the guys they offloaded last year are the very ones they actually need this year and it has upset their system.

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He’s looked all over the shop when I’ve watched them.
His younger brother is due to come into the system in a few years. If Daniel’s off the boil, we could get both of them for SFA.

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Agree. Even last year I’d have Butler ahead of Castagna.

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Was Butler the one they left out of the final to bring Pickett in?

No Townsend, no Tigers


Think so.

Even Pickett seems to be a one game wonder.


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Well i just did my footy tips through to the end of currently scheduled games. Ain’t no way i could remember one round finishing on Friday night withe the new round starting the say after

He’s never been that good, Daniel Rioli IMO.

Is an average to good (at times) pacy forward, but I don’t reckon he’d make it in a lesser team