Northern Territory want an AFL team

[Northern Territory want a team](Territory explores potential bid for AFL team -

They are sinking $100,000 into a scoping study to see if it’s viable and some issues that may arise.

Would play out of TIO stadium in Darwin and Traeger Park in Alice Springs.

Cannot see this getting off the ground. Yes they produced the Rioli’s and Andy McLeod. But if we are seeing a lot of players wanting to leave GWS and Gold Coast, imagine the exodus of being drafted by a team in the NT?

Not to mention Tassie being skipped over by the AFL.


LOL. The northern territory? Fkg kidding me?


Wish I was, but they are interested.

It would be less than the Gold Coast lol



There’s likely 60 people who actually live in the NT. And 52 of them are in Darwin

At last count, 211,000 live in the territory, about 140k in Darwin.

Probably not enough, like Tassie, but would people watch it, so the AFL get more from the TV rights.

Both Darwin and Tassie would get more to games than GWS and Gold Coast do


astute punters may have spotted the exaggeration there.
Still not going to have a footy team there. It’s between Cairns and Toowoomba on the rankings of Aus cities.
So when Cairns gets one… we’ll talk.

Still reckon ballarat gets one first.


Exactly. Gets us closer to a fair comp too. 19 rounds, plus some PSG, … done.

Been hoping they’d both come in for years, Has to happen one day.

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Well, no.
Marrara avg 10.2k, Traeger 5.5k
Bellerive 10.9k, York park a mammoth 12.6k

GC avg 13.6k this year. And they only got to play at home after their season was well and truly cooked.
GWS 11.9k

Carn the Diggers!

Oh, wait…

Hey, the old Aussie rules game on the original Nintendo has a Northern Territory team


And how fun it was to have Darwin beat FCFC 30 goals to zip.

(You just had to give their full back a little nudge, which I guess is a little ironic).


That’s gc attendances after 5 years of crowd building and tonnes of free tickets being handed out by the afl each week.

If NT had its own team thy get at least 3k more to Marra every week no doubt.

Tassie would have 20k out the gate

And you could also bet those fan bases would be a helluva lot more passionate than the current rent-a-crowds.

Cool story.
Pity games have been played in Marrara since 2004, with crowd numbers slowly tailing off since then.

You’re banking on literally 10% of the population of the city rocking up on a regular basis: it’s not gunna happen. Once or twice a year novelty, sure.

Tbh I’d merge NT with the suns,

Call them the the Centre Coast Suns


Why not the Coast United NT Suns?? :smirk:


The AFL would sooner move Suns to Shanghai than to an established AFL market.

At least they could call them the Sun Tzu’s

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NT will sadly only ever be a feeder region.

If the AFL sets up a reserves competition NT and Tassie may get a team in that, but even that is pie in the sky stuff as it relies on the AFL making multiple common sense decisions.

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